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How About A Movie Theater For The Kids

What a gorgeous spring break we’re having! So blustery! I am happy winter has returned just in time for a week off from school so that our kids get to stay inside and read about sunny places or get in fights with their siblings over which bad cartoon to watch.

I just spent a week at home with a flu ridden child and that week was capped off with the world’s rainiest Saturday. A day in which my children and I were so bored that I was forced by them to watch Space Jam…twice – in a row. So I’m not so sure I’m ready for another rainy and cold week. I have reached my maximum Space Jam viewing capacity.

Most of the recreational activities for kids we have around here involve being outdoors. Specifically things like sports or going to the lakes for fishing. Some kids go hunting. And all that is great, but when it rains for days on end it would be nice to have some local options for things to do.

Why can’t Water Valley have a bowling alley or an arcade? Or better yet…a movie theater! 

I’ve always had this little dream in mind where someone comes and opens up a movie theater in one of the old buildings on Main Street and shows cartoon and cowboy matinees from 3 to 5 p.m. a few days a week. This way, when my kids get dropped off by the bus at my store and I still have two hours of work, I can just hand them a few bucks and send them down to the movie theater for a while. This is much cheaper than daycare. 

And I feel like tons of kids would go. From what I understand, movie theaters make their main money off sales of snacks at the concession stand. A group of school kids can put a major hurting on snacks at a concession stand so I think you could definitely make a few bucks in that regard.

And, of course, the movie theater could play regular movies in the evening. Just one movie a night on Friday and Saturday and then maybe a family type movie on Sunday afternoon.

One thing I’ve learned about business in Water Valley is to keep it small and keep it simple and make it multi-functional, if you can. For example, the BTC is a grocery and restaurant. Turnage’s is a pharmacy and soda stand and gift shop. My shops act as work studios as well as a place to buy art or supplies. The hardware store sells regular hardware but also includes furniture.

If someone opened a movie theater that also had a little beer and wine at the concession stand and the food was pretty good, then adults would certainly be more likely to come out to watch a movie. It could be a one- stop date night.

I don’t want to run a movie theater so I’m not going to do it. But surely somebody would. This is just an idea that I am offering up to anyone who wants it. So, as long as whoever opens the movie theater vows to never show Space Jam.

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