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Low Temps Means Fruit Trees Are In Trouble

The last weeks and this upcoming week have been and continue to be roller coaster ride for me and my family.  It started with the passing of my grandmother  and continued with the marriage of my brother this past weekend; and now my wife’s brother is getting married this weekend.

My brother, Adam Jeffreys, married Maribeth Russell in Collierville, Tenn. with the reception held at a banquet hall in Memphis.  The wedding service was one of the best that I had ever been involved with –  other than my own, of course – during the reception that followed about an inch of snow fell.  That is a special memory everyone can remember about their wedding.  

The mention of snowfall kind of leads into what I really wanted to mention this week in my article, cold weather.  I had a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind that the cold weather wasn’t gone and sure enough, I was right, two nights this week the lows are supposed to be in the 20s.

I talked with Dr. Jeff Wilson Monday morning about protecting fruit trees and he said “cover trees with a sheet and hope for the best.”  

I know that is not really a good answer but he also said if temperatures were around 30 degrees the sheet would help. If temperature actually drops down into the 20s,  nothing would help.  So I guess a lot of fruit trees will be turned into yard ghosts for the next few nights in the hopes of salvaging some fruit.  

This week marks the opening week of the Mississippi spring turkey season, March 15th to be exact, and it is my favorite season of the year.  Generally speaking, most outdoorsmen this time of year either turkey hunt or crappie fish and a very few can do both  –  I will just stick with the turkeys.  

I once tried to explain to a non-hunter, non-outdoor type person about turkey hunting or just being in the woods during this time of year but didn’t get my point across. I can now say that there is only one way to experience the full effect of being in the woods during turkey season and hearing a turkey gobble, and that is to do it in person.  

I believe being in the woods before daylight and waking up with the woods and creatures that live in the woods is one of the most awesome experiences a person can have.  If you  decide to go out in the woods during turkey season please be careful and watchful, especially while visited government owned public use areas. 

I am including an internet address that talks a little bit more about turkey season,   http://extension, check it out!.  

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