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Betty’s Week

When I cranked the van Wednesday morning to begin my paper route, two strange lights appeared on the panel. Knew that Craig Hart and I usually arrived at Sprint Mart (first stop) about the same time, I figured he’d know if it was dangerous to drive the distance of the route. We drove up at the same time and I said, “You are the man I need to see.” 

Told him my problem and he took a look, knew what the lights were and he was sure was fine to drive for a distance. Great to have such knowledgeable friends, who are always wiling to assist with a problem. By the time I got to Water Valley Food and Gas Mart the lights had gone out. Thought it was probably just a glitch in the electrical system.

  Later in the day I found the problem. David and Mel had both left and as I locked up didn’t see many cars on the street—it had been a slow day. Got in the van and it would not  hit a lick. OK, I needed help. Saw a couple of vehicles at Mid-Town and ran across. Told them my problem – thinking that I probably needed a battery. Sure enough that was the problem and they had me fixed up in about 15 minutes. Am I glad we have so many great people and such good service in the Valley.


  Bro. Bobby Jones, associate pastor at Jumpers Chapel Methodist Church, brought the message and Shirley Berry presented the special music during Thursday’s Lenten Luncheon. Shirley sang two songs I was not familiar with, but they were beautiful. Bro. Jones’ message was events leading up to the crucifixion of Christ, both from the prophets and the actual events. He also shared about his recent illness and the way God had blessed him. This was the final in the series of Lenten Luncheons at First United Methodist Church for this year. 

We appreciate FUMC extending to the entire community the blessing of sharing these services with us.


  Came home Friday night, parked the van in the carport, where it usually stays until I either go back to the nursing home or to church on Sunday morning. Needed to pick up supplies for breakfast Easter morning at the church, Larson’s had sausage on sale, so I got dressed and was off to shop. Not to be. Again the van had a problem. This time it was a flat tire. Knew that Bubba was closed so started looking for a phone book. 

Found something better—one of George Crocker’s little flash lights with  George’s Garage number on it. After Saturday, his son, Lee, will probably take up all those little gifts with that phone number. George answered and says, “I’ll send Lee right out.” 

Lee came and he was obviously headed for a better event than changing my tire. He had all his fishing gear in tow and admitted that he was just about to be off on a fishing trip when his dad caught him. He was so nice though, found my leak, and of course it was not fixable. Had a hole in the sidewall, probably put there by running over a broken beer bottle in the parking lot at the Herald office. 

I told Lee where the spare was and it is in a terrible place. I’d been told that I could not get it out and if I every had a flat I’d have to call a serviceman. The tire is located way up under the front of the van—why in the world would you every put a spare there? My question was can we just find a new tire? He called his dad and George found a used one to get  me by until a new one could be ordered. Then Lee looked at my other tires and says,”You really need four tires—yours are dry rotted.” I don’t drive enough to wear tires out, they just rot. Have four new ones on the way that will arrive either tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday and the used spare is fine. I did feel so bad about keeping Lee from his fishing trip, but  he says, after he backed the van out of the service bay, “Don’t worry, I’ll be right behind you.”  So maybe I didn’t completely spoil his fishing outing. Do appreciate both Lee and George—they are great mechanics and good friends. 


  After the tire was fixed I went to work around the house. Cleaned out more of the fridge, washed clothes, dusted a little, put up lots of sweaters, and even got out the vacuum—didn’t use it but it has been found. In the  kitchen, when I wash dishes, I always cook something. Made my kale hot pot (kale, new potatoes, cajun sausage, onion, and bell pepper, cooked in beef broth and seasoned with a little crushed red pepper), purple hull peas, and cornbread. That’s a meal fit for a king. Mel and I had left overs at lunch Monday.


  Watched a little of the golf game Sunday afternoon. Had to leave for church before it was concluded, but just knew that Justin Rose was the winner. On the news Monday morning I was surprised to hear that Sergio Garcia had come from behind and taken the green jacket. I’m always happy to see a first time winner and Sergio deserved  it.


  Guess I’d better wrap this column up. The Chamber of Commerce Banquet is tonight and I have to get home and find something to wear. I’d completely forgotten this was the date and was glad David reminded me. 

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