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Honeybees Help Crops Reach Full Potential

I have been interested in Honeybees for the last couple of years mostly because I want to have good pollination in my truck patches. If you grow vegetables to sell, you really need supplemental bees to reach the full potential of the vegetable crops.  I have taken a honeybee training class for the last couple of days and learned that honeybees are very interesting creatures.  

This class was given by Dr. Jeff Harris, the Mississippi State Extension Apiculture Specialist, who has been a bee keeper for over 40 years.  The class has been very hands on working with the honeybees in the hive boxes.  I must admit that I have been a little scared of bee hives because of the obvious stinging threat, but bee keepers know when and how to work the bees to minimize the threat.  I actually was handling the brood frames with honeybees all over my hands and didn’t get a single sting.  

The Yalobusha County 4-H Shooting Sports hosted their county postal shoot at the gun range in Coffeeville on Saturday April 8.  The 4-H clubs from Grenada and Tallahatchie participated along with Yalobusha County shooters.  The event was a qualifying event for the Northwest District Shoot on May 6th at the Tallahatchie County Fair-grounds.  

The next vegetable growing class will be on Thursday, April 27, at 6 p.m. at the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville.  These classes are for the commercial grower as well as the home gardener.  At the next meeting we will have a demonstration on plastic mulch, drip irrigation, and planting techniques.  The cost of the class will be $10.  If interested call the Extension office at 662-675-2730.

The Coffeeville Saddle Club will host a Judged Show on Saturday, April 15, at the Multi-purpose Building in Coffeeville.  The show will start at noon and there will be a concession stand provided by the 4-H Horse Club.

Prune and Repot Houseplants

Now that the weather is finally getting warm and hopefully settled, (fingers crossed!) and you are spending more time outdoors, don’t forget about maintenance of houseplants. Check plants for the need to repot if you haven’t done this already. Carefully remove the ball of earth and check the roots. If they are matted and spiraling around the soil ball it is time to repot. If the roots are sparse the plant should grow all summer in the present pot. 

Porch and patio plants like hibiscus, allamanda and ixora should be trimmed back, repotted, and fertilized. If needed, ferns can be trimmed back but watch for new, emerging fiddleheads. Also check to see if they need to be repotted and fertilize to stimulate new growth. 

Easter Lilies

Keep lilies fresh by keeping the soil moist and placing the lily pot in a cool room, away from direct sunlight. After flowers fade, you can transplant the lily into the garden for bloom next year. Choose a sunny spot in a site that is well drained; bulbs in wet soil will rot. Feed with a complete fertilizer such as 9-9-6 or other bulb fertilizer, according to label directions. Your Easter lily will bloom next June. If you have problems with squirrels eating your bulbs, the only sure fire way to prevent this is to cover the ground with a wire mesh screen (hardware cloth). 

Be sure to cut a hole for the stalk to come through the wire if it is a fine mesh.  Cover the wire screen with mulch and hopefully all the little critters will do is dig little holes in your mulch, hit the screen, get frustrated and move on! 

Horticulture Tips provided by Dr. Leila Kelly

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