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Wagner Week Steers Into Serial Drama

Here is part two and the final dramatic conclusion of Wagner Week’s first to-be-continued letter. This love letter was so long that I had to publish it in two weeks and I still had to edit out a paragraph  or two due to length. Wagner Week is steering into the realm of serial drama, apparently. How could you not with dreams of a most captivating maiden named Gertie?

(Continued from last week)…..

Now just let me tell you. I know just exactly how you feel about it all. I understand it perfectly and you must not think of it another bit.

You just keep on loving me and trust me and I will do the same and it will be alright “someday” in the sweet bye and bye. Don’t you reckon so?

There is Mother calling me to come and make some lemonade, so I guess I’lol have to go. Bye bye!


Well here it is Tuesday and this letter not finished yet. You certainly ought to appreciate my efforts to write this evening for I am nearly dead with an excruciating headache and nearly melted from the excessive heat. Don’t be alarming, sweetheart. I have not quite swallowed the Dictionary yet — am only contemplating the expediamcy of such a step. 

John, if you don’t answer this letter at once and write a long LONG letter I will be at once “dignified, sarcastic, unapproachable and uncompromising.” Catch?

I suppose you remember Miss Williamson and that ever memorable “day of June.” It is impressed on my mind in characters of fire.

By the bye, sweetheart, how do you like being a “gentleman of leisure?” I don’t one bit. I mean I don’t like being a lady of leisure. It is abominable. You remember my good resolutions about reading history, cultivating my mind, etc? Now just let me tell you my reward. Yesterday, after doing nothing all morning I thought of my resolutions and determined to put it into execution. Accordingly, directly after dinner I lied me to the hammock, with a most “voluminous volume” of somebody’s “History of the United States.” I read about two chapters when I found myself deep in the “land of nod” and what do you suppose I dreamed?

Why that you had “done gone and gone” completely back on my humble self and was head over heels in love with a most captivating young maiden named “Gertie.” From that I awoke to find myself the most miserable of mortals. And all from that “History of the U.S.!” Catch me reading and more histories!

Sweetheart, if you do fall in love with another girl I’ll fall in love with that other boy.  Now I give you warning in time. 

By the way, do you know anyone by the charming appellation of “Gertie?” I never hear you mention the name in my life, don’t see what in earth could have made me dream it.

John, you dear old darling. I do want to see you SO badly! You have no idea how much I really do love you or how much I think about my dear old sweetheart. I have that picture of you and Topsy and I framed it and have it on the mantel and very night I look at yours and “wonder if the original is really in love with me or merely trifling with my affections.”

Don’t you wish I would stop? Well, I’m going to right now. With much love, etc.

Your own,


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