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Betty’s Week

It was so good to be have the knee well enough for me to make the paper route last Wednesday. Everyone was so nice and seemed to have missed me, even though they all said they enjoyed David. Linda at Water Valley Food and Gas Mart, as I entered the store, says, “I heard you got married and went to Cancun. 

I was shocked and asked where that rumor came from. She says, “Your boss.” She explained that with a very straight face he told her this story and that for a few minutes she actually believed him. Told her not to be surprised, because I have from time to time swallowed his fish tales hook, line and sinker. He does have a fabulous poker face.

  Enjoyed getting out in the early morning. Everything looks so pretty in the early morning sunlight. At that hour, also, there are usually the same customers in all the stores and they get to be like family. It was good to see many of them. The only place that customers were not present was Shell Express Mart and I needed some there. 

While I was waiting for Abraham at the store, a small man came in and he looked really troubled. He asked, “Can you tell me how to get to Taylor?” Well certainly I know where Taylor is and how to get there, but I don’t know how to give directions to someone who knows nothing about our area. Ed had always told me, “Don’ t give direction to anyone.” 

I’m really not good at it. But I was his only choice, so I directed him back to the by-pass, where I know that it is clearly marked North and the arrow points to Oxford. You just have to turn left there. Then I told him when he came to the intersection of seven and nine, again turn left. So far, so good. Then I told  him that a short distance up nine you would see a road to the left, but I couldn’t remember the number, but was sure it would be marked toward Taylor. Then just go down that road until you came to a sign directing you to Taylor and here you would have to make a right hand turn and it would take you to the heart of Taylor. Hope he made it—maybe he did because I did a lot of praying for  him.


  Got my hand called on mixing up The Good Witch and Bewitched in last week’s column. Samantha was in the old long-running comedy Bewitched and the more recent Good Witch (Cassie, played by Cathryn Bell) series began with several movies and then became a series that began a new run Sunday night. I appreciate folks reading my column and even finding my errors.

  This week my TV time was spent watching two of James Dean’s movies, Rebel Without A Cause and East of Eden, neither of which I had seen. He was a fine actor and it’s a shame his career was cut short. Saw a couple of cute projects on Home and Family. With one project, they took an old bench and recovered  it with old worn out blue jeans. They did a patch work cover, just like piecing a quilt top, using the legs pockets, and waistbands, in random patterns. The bench was really cute and I need to make several—have a tone of old jeans that I’ve just stacked up in the closet. I really believe I am a depression baby because I do not throw anything away. The other was to take the silica gel from most everything packaged today. Cut the package and pour it into a cute container. Then add your favorite scented essential oil—orange, lemon, lavender, rose, etc. It takes the place of candles and is not a fire hazard. If the scent fades, just add more oil. I don’t like candles, so I’m going to raid all my shoe boxes and give this suggestion a try.


  Saturday Mel and I took a holiday day and went shopping. We had the best time and found some great buys. I had not bought anything new in probably four or five years, except undies, socks, and shoes (and only when these had to replace worn out items). I bought a dress, a suit, two jackets, two blouses, a blue jean jacket, two quilted vests, three pairs of shoes, a purse, a spring form pan, a sharpshooter ( it was there and I have not been able to remember to go across to Sartain’s to get one). 

I don’t like to buy things out of town that I can buy locally, but really don’t think I was ever going to get mine replaced—it disappeared. I’ll get the next one from Joey and it won’t be long because I plant them or someone needs them worse than I do. 

Also bought a new sewing machine. Jimmie has gone through all of Mom’s old machines and we really need to sew up rips occasionally. I also have designs on learning to sew so I can fashion some dresses that are long enough and look good—oh that’s a really big dream. Contemplated buying a robotic vacuum cleaner, but first want to find someone who is using one so they can tell me if they work, before spending that kind of money.

  After all our shopping, we were starved. Stopped by my favorite eating place, Olive Garden, to get soup and salad. Restaurants really should not serve all you can eat. I ate more food than I usually eat in two days—two bowls of soup, three plates of salad, and a couple of bread sticks. That’s not so bad—Mel also had dessert. We were miserable all  night and neither ate any supper.


  Sunday was fifth Sunday and that is always a busy day. I am Lord’s Supper chair person, so with my Saturday outing I had to get up early to get ready for this. Also fifth Sunday months are James Bennett’s and my month to count. Following worship service, the children served a spaghetti lunch and since I was hungry again, that was wonderful—didn’t have to cook. After worship I did have to clean up the Lord’s Supper service items. Then on Sunday night we enjoyed our fifth  Sunday hymn sing. We sang until everyone was hoarse. If this hadn’t happened we’d probably have sung all night—the Woodland Hills congregation does like to sing.


  Today (Monday) is May 1st. As I was thinking about this I began wondering why we no longer have Maypoles. Those were fun. Seems like we used the flag pole and crepe paper streamers, which we intertwined some way. Don’t remember exactly the rules for this, but do remember that it was fun and very pretty.


  We are still working on the graduation section. Counted the list of seniors and found that this year’s class has 80 members. I always enjoy setting these biographies to see who the students belong to, what church they attend, the sports they have participated in, and the activities they enjoy. Congratulation greetings are still available, starting at $50 and going up as far as you wish. If you want to help sponsor this section, give me a call at 473-1473.

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