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It’s Election Day, But A Wagner Week

It’s local Election Day! But, unfortunately, I won’t be able to write about it until next week because of the deadline to go to press. This is unfortunate, because when the main talking points in an election are a proposed trailer park expansion behind a Piggly Wiggly and a rouge devil statue on Main Street – then that is comedy gold. 

Although not as gold as Betty’s lizard story last week. I love a good good Betty versus lizard and this one I think was the best so far. It made me wish I was scared of lizards so I could be that funny about it.

I hope you all go out and vote today. I think politics are so fun/disturbing and I love watching it all happen and know that, at the end of the day, we can all still be friends, right? Right?!

It’s Wagner Week and I can’t promise you the uncomfortable steamy passion that “Mince” brought last week but, for whatever reason, I’m temporality caught up in the Mince/John romance so here is a a little commentary on it all from another of John’s friends…who I think might be in love with Mince. 

Theo F. Klitz & Co.

Wholesale and Retail Druggists

School Books, Stationary, a Specialty

Salisbury, NC July 11st, 1887

My Dear John,

Yours of the 9th just received  and with the greatest kind of pleasure. I am through its contents. I tell you old boy it almost seems like I was actually speaking to you. When I go to my meals, I think to myself, well I’ll give Jon & Min a round certain before I leave but then, I happen to remember that both you rascals are a good ways off from here. min left today for home. 

I was awful sorry to see her leave because you know how I teased and worried the poor girl nearly to death. I ought to have been ashamed of myself but she knows how to take me doesn’t she? John, I really do believe you and Min are mashed on each other. Tell me honestly is it so or not? I know she likes you and I believe you like her. They told me you and her had a mighty nice time on hat trip up to the country, you need not try to fool me in any such style, give me the facts in earnest. I want to know for a special reason so do tell me. You know I told you all about my scrape with Bess, now don’t you ever breathe this.

I do believe you and myself together would actually paw-up the earth, there would be no end to our mischief and manners would there?

Tell Bill Shaver old man Ed is here doing alright, he is so lazy he wont work a bit but he has plenty without working for himself, so I guess I won’t insist on him doing anything, at least for now. Jon and Bob are the names of the draymen you speak of. Capt. Wm G. McNeeky is the one you met in our side door to this old Druggery as I call it sometimes. 

I wish you were here right now, I would set up the Milk Shakes, do you hear? I tell you I am going to get there Gallagher, and don’t you forget it.

Well, I believe I’ve told you all the latest about the old boys. Give my best love to all your people and keep a big pile yourself and for goodness sake give sweet little Mince a lot of it. Answer at once and don’t forget to tell be about that.

Yours as ever,

John Y.

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