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Living Well in Yalobusha County

Participants Needed For 4-H Cooking Contest

The 4-H Cookout Contest training is scheduled at the Extension office on Monday, May 22 from 3  to 5 p.m.  The 4-H North Half Cookout contest will be held here in Yalobusha County on June 27. We need participants to represent our county!  If you are 4-H age 8-18 and are interested in entering the cookout contest then join us for this training session.  We will go over contest rules, food categories, food safety, and grilling safety.  Call 675-2730 to register for the training.

We also have a green bean canning workshop scheduled Friday June, 2, at 10 a.m.  at the Extension Office.  Participants will learn to process green beans using the pressure canner.  Participants will be able to take home finished product.  A non-refundable fee of $5 is due at registration and must be paid to be considered registered for the class.  Space is limited.  Registration deadline is May 31.

4-H Master Chef’s School is a 3 day cooking program for youth ages 8-13.  During this program, youth will learn about nutrition, food safety, cooking techniques and etiquette.  The youth will also gain cooking skills through the preparation of several recipes each day. Master Chef School will be held Wednesday, June 28 – Friday June 30th from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.  There is a $30 supply fee that is due at registration. Checks should be made payable to Yalobusha County 4-H.    Registration fee must be paid to be considered registered for class.  Register soon!  Space is limited and is filling up fast!  Call the Extension Office for more information at 675-2730.

Grocery shopping is one of those things that slips up on me each week.  I don’t know why it does?  I know I have to go. Which means I have to get prepared.  Each week I have to make out a menu (based on my families activities for that week), make my list, check the sales ads, look at coupons and then….make myself give up a portion of my weekend (my yard time) to buy groceries.  So when I read this article from Communicating Food for Health about ways to save time at the grocery store, I perked up.  I will definitely be trying these 3 tips on my next trip to the store.

3 Ways to Save Time and Shop Smart

#1: Streamline Your List

One of the easiest ways to make your time in the grocery store more efficient is to put your shopping list into the order in which you’ll find the foods in the store. Implementing this tip takes some work as you learn what goes where in the list. For example, you can group all the produce you’re going to buy together all the baking supplies you need, etc.

By streamlining your list, you’ll save yourself from wandering aisles looking for things. You’ll also avoid retracing your steps because you forgot you needed an ingredient in a section you’ve already passed.

Tip #2: Do Your Research Ahead of Time

The Nutrition Facts label is a treasure trove of information, but if you spend your time in the store comparing and contrasting the nutrients in varieties of each food that you want to put in your cart, then you’ll never leave the store.

To save time without letting nutritious choices fall by the wayside, do your research at home before you go. Manufacturer’s data can be hugely helpful when it comes to evaluating sodium content, saturated fat content, and the presence of added sugars, along with exploring how much of various vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients you can find in each food. Do your comparisons before you hit the store and you’ll save time as you pick up each item.

Tip #3: Be Aware of Your Space

Often the music played in the grocery store is timed to lure you to slow down and linger in the aisles. There also aren’t usually clocks visible anywhere, just like in casinos.

Don’t let the store trick you into spending more time there than you want. Practice mindfulness in the aisles, being aware of your pace as you move through the store. Checking your watch or phone every once in a while won’t hurt either. Stay focused on what you want, get it, and get out.

Now you try: Start with tip #1. Each week, put your grocery list to work, arranging the things you need by where you’ll find them in the store. Time yourself. Did you shorten your trip?

For tip #2, research 5 items from your list, comparing nutrition information for at least 3 different brands available at your store. Which option is best for your health? Why?

For tip #3, time two trips to the grocery store. One typical trip, and another during which you stay aware of your pace and surroundings. Which was faster?

Article Source:

MSU Extension Service


Healthy You Exercise Classes are free and meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 to 9:45 a.m. The medical professional from the Coffeeville Clinic will be here on Wednesday, May 10, to test glucose and blood pressure. This is a free service for all Healthy You participants.

Crochet will meet on Thursday, May 4, at 10 a.m. at the Extension Office.  Remember to bring a crochet hook and yarn.  

Create MHV Club will meet on Tuesday, May 9, at 9 a.m. They will be making Terracotta Toadstools (garden art).  If you are interested in the supply list please call the Extension Office at 675-2730.

Pat Rodrigue will teach another 4-H Art Workday on Thursday, May 11th from 3 to 5 p.m.  This is to help youth, ages 8-18, get their entries ready for the Mississippi 4-H Poster Art program. The theme this year is “4-H: Rising to the Challenge.” Please call the Extension Office at 675-2730 to let us know your child will be attending.  If we do not have anyone to register by noon the day of workshop, the workshop will be cancelled.

Sewing for Service will meet on Monday, May 15 at 10 a.m.  We are making pillowcase dresses for Operation Christmas Child.  We are in need of white binding tape if anyone has any that they would like to donate, please contact Pamela at 675-2730.

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