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Betty’s Week

Paper route took about twice the time to deliver as it usually does. Seems everyone was interested in the city election results—even those who live in the county. I can understand that. For almost 55 years my home has been in the county, but I have spent many more hours in the city limits than I ever have in that house and that’s true of many Main Street folks. And even those who do not spend that much time in the city, they still shop and use many services of city businesses, so naturally they’re interested in the outcome of elections—and then some are just curious. 

The election results were not in the paper because to have gotten them in would have caused our printer to have had to worked very late. However, I am a smart lady, so I just printed out the election return results and made sure all the store keepers had a copy so they could answer the questions of  who won or who would be in a run-off.  

But for those in the businesses at the time of my delivery, I answered the questions and discussed the possible outcome of the second primary—like I  had a clue of what was going to be the outcome. Good luck to all the candidates and I know that any one of them will do a good job. On Tuesday, several urged me to be sure and vote before I went home from work. I don’t think any of them knew who I might be voting for or against but I made them happy as I told them I could  not vote for them, but would not vote against them.

  After returning to the office I continued work on the graduation section. On the list was C.W. White, Inc. and it’s always a joy to check with Tommy about his graduation ad. He always has a wonderful story—about family, friends,  or just a citizen of our fair city. 

Being the day following the election I got a story about his father, the late Bill White and his venture into politics. From my first day in the Valley, April 19, 1957, Bill and I were great friends. He enjoyed teasing me and could make me blush. I also often gave  him a hard time. 

Tommy’s story about his father’s venture into politics was that Bill decided to run for alderman. Tommy said his dad came up with what he was positive were 11 people who would vote for him. But Tommy said Bill got 10  votes. Tommy said I knew where the lost vote was and went after Mom, the late Jeanette White, with, “Mother did you vote for Dad?” Tommy said she never admitted not voting for  him—she would just grin when the question came up. I know that if Ed had run for one of those offices I’d have voted for the opposition. 

Back then each alderman was assigned the responsibility of one of the city’s utilities—street, electric, parks and cemetery, water and sewer, etc. And if there was a problem the alderman was the one called, not the superintendent of the department. We know that Jeanette did not want to be answering their phone day and night. Bill, like most businessmen in the Valley at that time, worked all day and most of the night six days a week and then was in church on Sunday. With the full-service station and the distribution company for Standard  Oil, he was also on the road driving the tanker much of the time. Thanks Tommy, for a fond memory.


  I got introduced to a new food last week. Friend Anne Burke brought in some scones. I’ve heard of scones most of my  life, had recipes, but just never ate one in a restaurant and never made one. Boy have I missed some great eating for many years of my life. I made up for it during last week—only let myself eat one a day, though. 

Thanks Anne. She also brought me some mint plants, which I am planting around the house in pots and confined flower beds—hope they will ward off snakes and mice as has been advertised. I was hoping the mint would deter lizards, but Anne says, “No, they play in my mint bed.” 

Oh well, if the herb takes care of the snakes and mice, it will be a big help.


  Mom did not have a good day Thursday. She apparently felt bad and was like an unruly child. She didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to take her meds, didn’t want a shower, and fought with us each time we tried to help her. She is on a strong antibiotic, so hopefully when it runs it course she’ll be back to normal. Most of the time she’s a happy camper. 

I was surprised by the cold temperature we  had on Thursday and Thursday night.  I  had to turn on the heat and grab a blanket. After the sun goes down it get really chilly in that west room, especially when there is a north wind and we had a strong one Thursday night.


  Had another Saturday off and spent most of it in the yard. Made a trip to O’Tuck Supply for potting soil, some flowers, herbs, and vegetable plants. Was good to visit with Debbie and look at all the pretty things growing there. Got the plants I selected into my pots and they’re looking great. May make another run this week and hopefully will get the front bed filled. It’s been empty for 13 years, as have all my pots. Ed would be so proud of me.


  Lots of folks in the Valley and in the Batesville area are still suffering with respiratory ailments, allergies and sinus problems. Mine is mostly sinus, but early in the morning it affects my ears and I bounce off the wall for an hour or so, before the sinus pill kicks in. Also the privet hedge is in full bloom and it really up sets my breathing. In the early years we had none of these shrubs, but now there are several big ones on the sides of the driveway. We did  have poison ivy, which Ed was allergic to and my allergy was honeysuckle. We worked for years and finally rided the hill of both of these pesky plants. Guess now I’d better get started on the privet. Hope everyone soon feels better—maybe when the hot summer days get here all the watering eyes and dripping noses will get a break.

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