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Future Is Made One Decision At A Time

It was below the fold on this front page two weeks ago, but it was the image of the future, the first class at the Base Camp Coding Academy ready to graduate. They’ve been upstairs at 301 Main Street for the past year, working hard in the big room on the second floor. ’m sure the people who built that building on the corner of Wagner and Main back in 1870 could not have imagined that there would be a computer coding academy in that room. Or if they could have imagined a high technology vocational school up there, that the graduating class would look like it does. 

Not that people back in 1870 lacked imagination, hardly the case. For in building  lasting structures, they built in the present, but with clear thought for the future, even a future they could not have imagined. 

You see when one builds, most of the time anyway, there’s a hope for the future. You believe the place is, well so to say, going places – that it has a future.   And what you build has a very specific purpose certainly, such as 301 Main was a made to be a department store. But there is a greater purpose, a higher calling if you will, in the building of most things. That the structure is adding a lasting value towards the greater good of all. It fits the place and makes it better. Which most buildings, commercial or residential, in this town do.

When we build, we say something about ourselves, our place. We all imagine that places are built by the people who live there. That first impression of place isn’t transferable, even if the something was built by an outside entity. 

I ask you, when you act and judge, to think like the travelers do, try and see that first impression. Maybe go a little further with your curiosity as to what is the greater purpose, do things seem on the upswing or not. The built environment will tell you that.  The future is made one decision at time, all things effect all other things, and nothing remains the same. 

If you go to YouTube and enter Base Camp Coding Academy there is a 5-minute video on the class and their first year. Worth a view, to see the interaction of the present future in a place built long ago with the future in mind.

Southern Living Magazine has a special edition out now called “Drives & Dives”, a road trip to Water Valley is in it. 

People come here now, based on the what we’ve done with the built past re-imagined into the present. Every first impression of this town as a whole is an opportunity gained or lost.

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