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Betty’s Week

I have a snake story, but mine was not nearly as bad as most everyone else story I’ve told it to. I have an hour between closing time on Wednesday before our prayer meeting starts. I usually run home, eat a bowl of soup, brush my teeth, and then it’s back to the church. Wednesday night I needed something  from the second fridge, which is housed in the sun room. 

Opened the door between the kitchen and the sun room and took one step down the stairs. Looked at the south wall of the room and something was not right. On the floor, against the wall with its head up the wall about a foot was a black snake. Knew I had to have help. Know Betty and Al Davis’ number without looking in the directory. They were not home. Second on my list was Mark Anthony, but could not remember his number. 

Was so rattled that I could not even remember this kid’s last name. Left my watching post for a minute to run to the van, where  his number is in my need-to-know list. Came back and the snake had not moved. Called Mark and he was getting ready to go to prayer meeting and was dressed except for shoes. Said I’ll be there as soon a I get my shoes on and he was. 

He came loaded for bear—brought his snake gun, hoe, shovel and sharp shooter. When Mark saw the snake he thought the safest way to kill it without it getting away was to shoot it, but that he might damage the floor or wall. Told him to just shoot it I could replace floor or wall, or both. He did no damage and had that snake gone in just a few minutes. 

It is so good to have great friends who will do anything for you. After the snake was taken  away Mark made a thorough inspection of the house to see that I had no more and then he looked for the place it could have possibly gotten in. Found a crack in the west patio door and we duct-taped that up. Then he discovered the window unit, which was used last summer when we were in  the room on a very hot day. It had just been stuck in and never installed correctly. Mark secured it, but I had the brothers, when they arrived Thursday morning to cut the grass, just take it out of the window and lock the snakes out. Went to prayer meeting and was tellingly my snake story. Everyone there shared tales of bad snakes in their yards—cottonmouth moccasins, copperheads, and rattlers. 

One story was of a Cottonmouth in the house. The story was that it looked like it had rained moth balls all over the house. They’re supposed to ward off snakes. I still have not bought any, but will put them in the sun room. I did purchase Snake-A-Way from Sartain’s True Value and Joey and his staff say it really does work. However, Joey told me to make sure the snakes were outside the perimeter of the line of the product that I put down. 

He says,”You don’t want to fence them into the place you’re trying to keep them out of.” So my Snake-A-Way is still waiting for the brothers to come over and make sure that around the house is snake free. While I was in Sartain’s a lady from Coffeeville told me that she never went in her yard without her gun. To date she says she has killed five copperheads and several rattlers. Said that she barely missed being bitten. Her blue heeler’s barking summoned her to a snake at her front steps. Said the dog stayed between her and the snake and she finally went inside, got her gun, and looked carefully, found it and killed it. Now that is a dog worth having.

  Needless to say I did not sleep Wednesday night. I left the light on in the bathroom, hall, LR, DN, Kitchen and den. Did turn my bedroom light off—don’t know why because it was bright as day from the spill over from all the other lights. Thursday night and Friday I stayed with Mom, then on Friday night I came home and was able to sleep because I was exhausted. Stayed with Mom again on Saturday, while my sitter came over and cleaned the house. 

She assured me there were no snakes in the house and that she’d gotten all the lizards out.—I’m sure glad she’s not afraid of lizards. Don’t know about snakes—she didn’t know about it.


  Lost two long-time friends last week. We had Billy Bryce Williamson’s obit in last week’s paper. Can’t remember when I first met him, but it was a wonderful friendship through many years. He was often in the office and always had a great story. He’d also tease me unmercifully and could make me blush. We shared a birthday and he often came by to wish me happy birthday, which I appreciated. Also love his wife, Martha (Mott to most of us) and sympathize with her in her loss. Also, extend my sympathy to the children and grands. Know he will be  missed by all of them and also by many, many friends.

  The other was Nannette Sissell, wife of the late Bill  Sissell, who for many years wrote “Out The Mudline” for us. Nan was my homeroom teacher in the 7th grade at Crowder High School and as long as health permitted, she and Bill always attended our class reunions. She was  a great teacher and a beautiful lady whose friendship I enjoyed through the years.. Sympathy is extended to her children, grands, and all the family. 


  Sunday we had a very unusual morning worship service at Woodland Hills. Not only did we honor our mothers, but we also had a service for our only graduate, Jaclyn Swinkowski,  Don’t think I every remember these two events overlapping before. We had music and a special prayer for each, Jaclyn was presented a Bible and a monetary gift and all moms were given beautiful roses. Bro. Lynn’s sermon covered both parties.


  Jim had called earlier to tell me he was not sending me a mother’s day gift this year. Then he went on to say, “I’m bringing it.” He didn’t have to bring a gift—just come. He will arrive tonight (Monday) and will stay with me until Thursday morning, when he will go to Memphis to be a member of a Memphis in May Barbecue Cooking Team. Celeste will fly into Memphis at the end of the week to spend the weekend and then has to return home on Sunday night. As a middle school teacher, she’s still in school. Jim will then come back to spend a few more days before driving back home. We plan to go up Saturday to visit with Celeste for a short time. This will indeed be a great Mother’s Day. 

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