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Miss Kate Was The Prettiest Girl In Town

It’s a Wagner Week and I like this letter because it’s an early mention of Katie Becton. Katie is a really funny and pretty woman who would marry John and die a few days after giving birth to their only child. She was 21 years old. Mollie, the letter writer, is always pleasantly descriptive in her scene setting and I appreciate that she had very neat handwriting. Also, “Sick” is the worst nickname ever for any human or animal.

Amite city

April 30th

Mr. John Wagner,

Esteemed friend, I am somewhat romantic this afternoon, with my surroundings, for I am struck on visiting my uncle, for more reasons than one, so again I am out here and this evening I have wandered out in the woods behind his place and placed under some grand old pine trees trying to answer your last letter. I wish you were here, what a nice chat we could have walking through these lovely woods, for I do know they are as pretty as I ever saw. Well perhaps you may think enough of me to visit me at some future day, then we will be like all young folks and “take to the woods” and see all that’s to be seen, until then, I must content myself with your letters which are very welcome indeed. 

Oh! The sun is gone and now the night is coming on so in a few minutes I will go to the house. Now I am a quarter of a mile away with four of my cousins playing around then rolling over and generally upsetting one so there is no knowing what I may put in here, if there be, I hope to have it overlooked.

Another thing you must pardon is my use of a pencil, but you well know that ink is rather inconvenient to take with you on such a journey as mine.

As I have before mentioned that I am struck on coming out here, for uncle has a large strawberry field so you know what follows. I am treated as though I were someone! Have all the strawberries and cream I care to eat. Also horses to drive or ride when I desire them, what more do I want? He only drawback is I do not see “Sick” so often.

I attended a delightful “Lawn Party” a few evenings ago, had quite a pleasant time. The first part I did not enjoy myself much but later I had a lovely time with one of my new “mashes”, would have enjoyed it more but one of the girls who is rather smitten on him hung round us until I was disgusted and came home leaving him to her. He is very much afraid I will go back to WV soon. I do not help matters any but let him think so. I am almost struck on him.

Am so glad you are pleased with that little crochet, but what to suggest as to do with it. I am at a loss say, so you will have the pleasure of deciding for yourself. Sister suggests putting it on one of your hakf’s, but that is all fun.

You and I are one in the same in regard to Miss Kate Becton for she is the prettiest young lady in WV in my estimation. I am in love with her and if I were a boy, I would work as hard as I possibly could against you or ANY other boy, then if I failed in gaining her affections it would not be my fault.

Look here old boy, do you know that you are indebted to me for something? You bet me I had gained 30 lbs. I took it up and my young man you lost for it was 10 instead of 30…

It is late, everyone are asleep, so I am alone and as I am very brave I will close. Hoping you will excuse this fearful writing. 

Cousins join me in love for you.

Write soon to yours

Mollie B.

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