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Landscape Class is Scheduled May 25

On Saturday afternoon of this past weekend my entire immediate family made the hour-and-a-half drive up to Memphis to visit with my brother, Adam, and his new wife, Maribeth, at their home for a Mother’s Day celebration.  They live just off of interstate 240 in a little subdivision off of White-station road.  I must admit that I don’t really like all of the people in the city or the traffic, but once we got to their house we had a really good time.  

My other brother Andrew has a two year-old son that is a few months younger than my two year-old and he brought a bouncy house for the boys to play on.  Even though we were in a city of over one million people and in a neighborhood of thousands of houses, it was really quiet other than the steady stream of FedEx planes floating by.  The drive back home is always the worst for trips like that, when you get really full from a big meal and played out from throwing the boys for flips on the bouncy house.  

Sometimes I am not sure how I make it home from drives like that but I think it possibly looked like a scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation when Chevy Chase fell asleep and woke up in the parking lot of a hotel, except I woke up in my garage.

Even though the ground was wet this weekend from the rain on Thursday night and Friday, the weather could not have been better for the Mother’s Day holiday.  We had 2.3 inches at my house by the time it was done raining.  I was able to get out in the garden and spray some weeds.  

I sprayed a little spot of Sandea around my tomatoes just for a trial, I am really nervous about spraying anything around tomatoes.  I will let you know how the trial goes, if all goes well Sandea will kill nut sedges, pigweeds, palmer amarynth, and has some activity on morning glory. 

If you would like to learn more about lawn care, shrub care, or any other home landscape questions, plan to attend the Home Landscape Maintenance class at the Extension office.  The class is offered on May 25th at 6 p.m. at the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville.  This program is designed for homeowners and landscape professionals to hone their ability to better care for landscapes.  

There will also be a Private Applicators test at the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville on May 19 at 1 p.m.  The fee for this class is $20 and the license lasts for five years.  The training is needed if an individual wants to purchase a restricted use chemical and apply it on their own crops.


Design Tips

April showers bring May flowers! I’m sure you have heard this saying and it is true. May and June are typically the months when the landscape is “putting on” the best flower show.  It is also a time to do some evaluations of your home landscape and see if it is working like you envisioned.  

If you’re a plant lover and just can’t resist buying one of nearly everything the garden center offers, your landscape could possibly be in need of better organization to give it that unified, harmonious professional look rather than looking like a “plant explosion.”

I have to admit I can’t resist new plants, either, but I try to have somewhat of a plan as to how my new plant addition will fit into the overall scheme of things in my yard.  Sometimes, it works—sometimes it doesn’t.  

Keeping the following concepts in mind may help you to avoid costly mistakes. The landscape surrounding your home serves as its visual setting. The front yard frames the house as seen from the street or driveway and the back and side yards offer attractive views from the windows, patio or walkways.  Plants and structures in each area should express your taste, just as furnishings inside the house do.  Just like these furnishings, plantings are not just ornamental but functional parts of the landscape and can serve as extensions of the interior rooms. For example, an outdoor dining or cooking area would be located with easy access to the interior kitchen area. Your indoor space is divided into rooms that serve different purposes, and your outdoor space should be arranged to accommodate various activities, with movement through it directed in a way that makes sense.    For more information on designing the home landscape see the following website: http://

Horticulture tips provided by Dr. Leila Kelly.

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