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Last Week Was Memory Making Time

Last week and this past weekend was full of made memories.  Thursday of last week we ended the baseball season for my six year-old son Levi with a win over the Tri-Lake Eye Clinic in Water Valley.  Friday Levi graduated from his kindergarten at OUS in Oxford.  

Saturday my wife Lauren, Levi and I attended what was probably the last game for the “Left Field Lounge” at Dudy Noble Field in Starkville.    I have attended many baseball games at Mississippi State and with the exception of just a couple, have watched all of them from the Left Field Lounge.  Saturday was no exception, although it rained off and on for most of the day, when the game finally started it was exciting.  I got to see some old friends and introduce Lauren to them, got to eat an awful lot of good lounge food (smoked sausage, boudin, Cajun sausage, kabobs, blooming bologna, etc.) and Levi got to meet some new friends and play with them. 

Sunday we made it back into Coffeeville for church and a youth Bible Olympics at the walking track in Coffeeville.  Also after all of that was done, I tied up several hundred tomatoes and sprayed 800 or so tomatoes.  

One thing that I was a little disappointed in this weekend was the lack of rainfall we received at home.  When we left for the ball game on Saturday I felt confident that we would get a good bit of rain, but we got no more than a sprinkle.

If you would like to learn more about lawn care, shrub care, or any other home landscape questions plan to attend the Home Landscape Maintenance class at the Extension office.  The class will be held on May 25th at 6 p.m. at the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville.  This program is designed for homeowners and landscape professionals to hone their ability to better care for landscapes.  If you would be interested in attending please call the Extension office at 662-675-2730 to reserve your spot.

Horticulture Tips  

by Dr. Leila Kelly.

“Cooling off” with cool colors in the landscape.

Although those of us living in the north part of the state are enjoying a little cooler weather for the next few days, hot weather is already here for most of the state.  If you want the appearance of  “cool and calm” in your outdoor living areas be sure to incorporate flowers in shades of blue, purple, violet, lavender and everything in between.  Plants with foliage in shades of green massed around an area can add to the cool effect. Adding plants with white variegation, white flowers or silvery foliage will also add to the “cool, icy atmosphere.” Cool colors are considered relaxing and peaceful and hot colors such as reds and oranges are considered active, energetic and “hot.” So, I guess you need to decide if the overall atmosphere of your outdoor rooms should be cool or hot—for me, I prefer a mix with a tad more cool colors to calm and cool me down after a hard day of work at the Extension office!

Examples of flowering plants within the blue range are scaevola, catmint, petunia, verbena, iris, amsonia, asters and many of the perennial salvia including the mealy cup sage, bog sage, Mexican bush sage, ‘Indigo Spires’ and ‘East Friesland’ salvia—to name just a few. 

Plants with silvery or whitish foliage are dusty miller, dianthus, lamb’s ear, and artemisias such as ‘Valerie Finnis’, ‘Silver Mound’ and ‘Powis Castle.’

Plants with white variegated foliage include hostas, scented geraniums, zonal geraniums, sedums, and many of the ornamental grasses. 

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