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Betty’s Week

 I got three showers last Wednesday morning. First one was about four a.m. in my shower stall. I dressed, ate a snack and waited until the downpour got to just a steady rain—about 15 minutes past my usual home departure time to deliver papers. 

Got to the office and the downpour was back and I got my second shower loading the van. The final shower came in installments,  as I delivered papers to the stores and paper racks. I started with my heavy duty camouflage rain gear. It lasted through getting into the van at home and loading at the office. Then I drug out my regular raincoat and it was completely soaked by the time I got the final store delivery made. 

Think I need to find one of the old heavy vinyl coat, overall and hat combo, which I once owned. It’s probably packed in some of those boxes that came from the old office—but I’m sure it has long since lost its usefulness. It had been a long time since we’ve had Wednesday morning weather  like last week. I could remember that in years past it happened often—so guess I should be thankful that I’ve been spared for awhile.

  One thing the bad weather did was keep traffic off the highways and streets. Even leaving late, I made the delivery in record time. However, I did not get to visit with many folks—makes for a dull day.


  During Bible study at prayer meeting, I kept thinking that I must have slept through the prior week’s service. Couldn’t remember many of the things Bro. Lynn was referring back to. Wasn’t until I was on my way home that I remember that I’d visited with Jim the week before, thus skipping prayer meeting – I rarely miss. Went back and looked over the passage I’d missed, so think I’m caught up for this week.

  Got home and expected Jim to call and tell me he’d arrived safely in Dallas. Waited until 10:30, when I decided he was  having too much fun to call—when  he called next morning that’s exactly what was reported. As he got on the road,  headed for  home, he stopped for gas and gave me a call. He’d spent the night with his friend and wife and they’s gone out to eat and visited until bedtime. Said when he thought about me he knew, because of my early rising time, I should be in bed, so he just waited until next morning.

  After all the lost sleep over the past two weeks, I bragged to David that on Saturday I planned to sleep until noon and then vacation the rest of the day. Didn’t happen! Both our sitters staying with mom in the nursing home had grands graduating, so I wound up with extra sitting duty. Jim called abut a quarter of seven Thursday night and reported he had arrived  home safely. My cell phone actually rang and I answered  it—he was  pleased.

He’d given me a lesson on answering phones before he left. David had, also tried to teach me several weeks ago and had changed my ring tone—it’s much better. Now it’s loud enough to hear over the TV and Mom’s talking. After the successful answering I got brave enough to call out. Was surprised when someone actually answered. Next ring was a commercial and I hate those on my land line and I certainly don’t want them on my cell. When that thing rings it should be an important call.

  Was so happy to have some good dessert for my extra sitting time. Agnes Montgomery sent several pieces of her delicious coconut pound cake, along with our lunch on Wednesday. We had ribs, pinto beans with ham, stewed potatoes and cornbread—doesn’t get any better than that. Robert delivered it, so our thanks to Agnes and Robert.


  Enjoyed a visit with Willie Pullen this morning (Monday). He brought a card of thanks to everyone for the many things done for the family at the time of the death of his father, Barney. We remembered so many fun times with Barney. Even before Ed and I were married, I was sent next door to Merchants Grocery on an errand met a very young Barney. As I  waited, l listened to him and he could have been a very successful stand-up comedian. 

From that time on I always looked forward to my visit to that business when Barney was present. He always had a great story. Never saw him without a smile on his face and son, Willie, follows in those footprints. He, like his father, loves life and his fellow man. We then talked about our life on the farm and his on the railroad and how we enjoyed good examples for both these occupations and life in general, which young folks today, for the most  part, do not have.

  Willie said his dad was the oldest customer at Trusty Hardware to  purchase a four-wheel drive tractor with a cab. Then we got back to the early days of farming with mule (or horse) equipment, which we both remembered. We also got around to sorghum making—a delicious product we both enjoyed. Now, both diabetic, we have to consume this in moderation. We both liked it over hot buttered cornbread. We could  have talked all morning.


  The Memorial Day Weekend was almost a wash out. However, we were lucky because in our area we just got rain—none of the storms that nearby areas received. On the news Monday morning I heard that 124,000 residences were without power in the Memphis area and some would not be restored for up to a week.

  Monday afternoon David returned from the VFW Memorial Day Program and reported that it was very nice. I’m glad that the Valley still honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom during all the wars.

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