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Wagner’s Dear John Letter Brings ‘Tollerably Pleasant Affair’ To A Close

It is very rare that I ever find a letter from John Wagner himself because he mailed them all. So I am always thrilled when I find a draft or one that was unmailed. This time I found a whole envelope filled with drafts to his funny lady friend Minnie!  

Well… all I can say is that I am very mad at John right now and we are now on the outs. Judge for yourself. 


I had the blues when I wrote that or rather this letter so you must not think it nice for it is not. I would have torn it up and written more but as I have only a few minutes will seen this with it.

We had the dance and I am about nearly dead from the effects but I am thinking of going again tonight to one about four miles from here. All the boys and girls are going so I think I’ll have to go too. 

I wish that you were here with me to go. Just think dearest, that it will surely be a little over a month before I am with you. Won’t you be a little glad when time comes?

I love you so much darling that it seems as though I can hardly stay away from you. Last night I had another dream about you but I’ll not tell you what it was until I wrote again. It was every bit true.

Dearest, I am so glad that you have answered the question and that you are now sure that you love me and that it is not girlish fancy. For now, I think you know your own heart and how you feel as we have been separated so long. But something, sweetheart, youn have written yet has given me a much genuine pleasure as hat you are sure you love me. I will now close. Write me real REAL soon, and a long letter and I’ll try to do better next time and next time will be DAY after tomorrow. 

With a million kisses and ever ever so

Much love, I am your own dedicated,


Office of Yocona Mills

Cotton Yarns and Bata

Water Valley, Miss

Aug 4th, 1887

Yours dates the 30th has just been rec’d and of course read with pleasure.

Minnie, I wish to tell you something that I have been trying to make up my mind to tell you for the past weeks, but could not do it until today. It is this.

Let’s bring our little flirtation to a close, for it is now becoming irksome and boring to me, and also to you. It has been a tollerably pleasant affair and I don’t think it would be exactly he right thing to keep it up until we are both bored to death with it.

I have always enjoyed flirting up to a certain point but beyond that, I do not like it. When you go out with the yard and look at that old oak and think of the night I told you the dream and “what happened,” as a thing far, far back in the past.

I have been enjoying myself more during the past two weeks than I ever have before in my life. Have seen more pretty girls than have been a man’s right to see.

I know you are enjoying yourself in Huntsville and will enjoy teaching nursing very much.

You need not answer this for I will know by your SILENCE that you will comply with my wishes.

Very Resp. Yours “that was,”

John H. Wagner

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