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Memorial Day Marks Start Of Summer

Memorial Day just passed on Monday. It is the un-official start of summer. Summer actually begins June 21 this year (sometimes it is June 20). That’s some three weeks and change sooner than the actual official solar season change. It doesn’t really matter as we un-officially end summer sooner on Labor Day. 

And if you did not stop by the memorial on Main Street and read the names of those who died in the line of duty, maybe sometimes this week take a look. You’ll see names listed under the conflict in which they died. There is a curious one there also, the conflict listed as the “Bay of Pigs.”

I’ll not write the man’s name because I’d like you to look at everyone’s name. And if you know the story of that one name listed from that very brief conflict, I’d be curious. But we should remember them all, and it does not matter if you agreed or disagreed with the particular conflict, we should consider what they did, even if it you only do it once a year.

The Farmers Market starts this Friday, even though it is still spring, but word is tomatoes are here. The market is in  Railroad Park under the big magnolia like for the last 10 years, but now it is from 3 to 6 in the afternoon. Might be a bit warm, but the shade and company will mitigate that.  It will be a good time. And fresh veggies and baked goods.

Summer on Main Street has some cooling options. There’s the century plus standard of Turnage Drug Store. I said it before, a purple cow on a hot day is very hard to beat. Rocky Mountain Chocolate has cold delicious chocolate drinks also. And if you have not gotten summer swim suit slim by now, just give it up and go for it. There’s always a cold soft drink, soda, pop, or whatever you call it at the BTC. There’s plenty of cold refreshing drink option at Crawdad Hole, Hometown Pizza, and El Charrito.  And last but not least Yalobusha Brewery on Friday night (note: more nights to come soon), has a cold one right out of the tap. 

There’s music in the Valley this summer. Just keep checking, there will be music in several venues like Crawdad Hole, Yalobusha Brewery, Hometown Pizza, and Foster Music and Arts down on South Main.

So if you’re in need of some place to stroll, greet your friends, and chill out, Main Street is the place to meet and beat the heat.

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