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Betty’s Week

  Missing the school buses on Wednesday mornings makes me think that I’m either early or late. Then I arrive at Dunn’s and find the breakfast crowd there and know I’m right on time. 

  Wednesday was a beautiful morning, weather wise. The only problem I had was all of us law breakers. Usually driving  32 on Wednesday mornings I speed—to stay our of the way of dangerously high speed law breakers.  I know breaking the law is breaking the law, but sometimes my extra five miles over the speed limit keeps the really impatient drivers from doing something completely stupid—passing on a hill or a double yellow line. 

I keep praying that I never have to pick up the pieces when one of these impatient drivers collide with a vehicle on the other side of one of those hills. When a vehicle passes in one of these unsafe places, I back off my speed as quickly as possible, hopefully giving them space to get back into our lane. 


  Arrived at the nursing home Thursday in Batesville and found Mom not her usual agreeable self. For others of you who deal with this same situation, thought I’d let you know that it happens to all of us. I know Mom is an easier patient than most, but sometimes even she acts up. Thursday and Friday she didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to take her meds, didn’t want to get out of bed, and certainly did not want to take a shower. 

With everything she’d say, “I just did  that.” I had to go back and sit with her on Sunday morning and then I wished I’d found her just uncooperative. She was awake when I arrived at 6:45, and she was talking, but I could not understand her words. Mom always speaks very clearly and although her facts may not be correct, but she is easy to understand. 

Breakfast time came and I washed her hands and face and then she stopped talking. With my urging, she ate her food and drank her coffee. She usually downs that first cup of coffee before I have the oatmeal ready. As she ate oatmeal one bite at a time, I had to tell her that she could have a swallow of coffee. She ate her egg the same way. My conclusion was that she had not slept Saturday night, so I kept her in bed and put her down for a nap. 

She slept about 45 minutes, woke up and just sat staring out the window. Lunch came and she again ate, with my urging, one bite at a time. Vitals were fine and she said nothing hurt. Sister Jimmie took over sitting duty at three and I came on home. She was to call me if Mom did not get okay. Since I’ve had no call I assume she is fine and all she needed was sleep.

  Standing in Mom’s door Sunday morning, a gentleman  stopped to ask about her. Knew he was familiar, but could not come up with a name. Finally asked who he was and it was Pat McMahen. Had he been in the Valley I would have had no problem with identification. Even though I knew he did devotionals in the Batesville nursing home,  I just wasn’t expecting to see him—think he usually goes on Tuesdays. He was there to deliver a birthday card to a lady in his group. 

Becky and Pat are lovely people and I loved their son, Gil, his wife, Lee, and their children. When Ed would sing with the Methodist choir, Lee sat right in front of him and Gil always kept my windshield pecks fixed. He’d often just stopped by to say, “Hello,” even when I didn’t have a problem. Do miss him.


  Slept very little on Thursday day night. Got home Friday night and into to bed, with designs on sleeping in Saturday morning. Heard a truck come up the hill, so crawled out of bed and went to the door. Didn’t expect to see Brother Bo, because he usually does not cut grass without Brother Rance as back-up and Rance was in Indiana to attend a funeral. Knew the pick-up I heard was a Dodge and it sure did sound like Bo’s. It was. He had wife, Carolyn, as his back-up crew. 

He expected my yard to be much worse than it was, with all the rain we’ve had, and he knew more was expected. He does try to keep it so I can see the snakes and he does an excellent job. Enjoyed visiting with Carolyn while he ran the mower over the yard and weeded the essential areas. Yard was really wet, but his mower does a good job even on wet grass. 


  Sunday night our attendance was down at Woodland Hills. Talked to my assistant Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Evelyn Thomas, this morning and she reported that we were way short for the morning service, also. Guess folks are either sick or on vacation.


  Congratulations to Autumn Jones and John Travis Swinkowski,  who were married last Saturday. They had a destination wedding on Ross Barnett Reservoir in Jackson. Know it was a beautiful affair and wish I could have attended. That’s where several of our members were—know the entire York and Swinkowski families were there and probably other church members.


  This coming Saturday, June 10, we will have a wedding in Woodland Hills. Amber Izzard, youngest daughter of former pastor, Ken and Shelly Izzard, will be united in  marriage to Hagen Bray at two o’clock in the afternoon. The reception will follow in the fellowship hall. Everyone is invited to attend.

  It’s hard to believe that all these children are old enough to get married. The years do pass so fast. 

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