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Betty’s Week

Because of a health issue, I took myself off tea and Diet Coke and it sure is hard to drive from Dunn’s to the Shell Station without some caffeine when delivering the paper Wednesday morning. When Jim was here recently, he was off Diet Cokes and said he had been for almost a year. He then urged me to give them up.

Don’t think I’m addicted to them, but I sure do enjoy about a half bottle each day,  usually consumed middle of the morning with a couple  of peanut butter and crackers. On Wednesdays  I drink a little earlier, since my day begins at 4 a.m. On this day I also change to a sausage and biscuit with my Coke. Got a medical report this morning so guess I’ll be giving up sausage and biscuits, also—back to oatmeal  in the mornings and salads, fruits, and vegetables for the other meals. 

Will occasionally have to slip in a cornbread muffin. Cousin Charley Bridges and I were discussing cornbread  Friday morning, while visiting during breakfast in the nursing home in Batesville (he’s a resident there). The NH kitchen uses a mix with sugar. We both grew up with good southern cornbread, made by his grandmother (my Aunt Kate) and my mom. They used Martha White cornmeal and I’m sure made it from scratch. I still use Martha White, but it’s Buttermilk Cornbread Mix—doesn’t have any sugar, though. Promised to bring him a dozen muffins on Thursday. They’re better hot out of the oven, but they’re not bad warmed for 20 seconds in the microwave and he has access to a  microwave.

Got to Mom about four in the afternoon Thursday and found her sound asleep.  Knew it was going to be a long night. When she sleeps most of the afternoon, she talks most of the night. She did stay awake until almost midnight and I had to shake her and wash her face with cold water to wake her  in time for breakfast.  She finished eating and was back asleep in a couple of minutes. Lunch time came and she slept on, woke about 1:30, ate her lunch and I kept her up the rest of the afternoon. 


Woodland Hills was the setting of Amber Izzard’s wedding to Hagin Brady on Saturday. Decorating had already begun on Wednesday, so after work I went by the church to check on progress. Bro. Ken Izzard, Mike Redwine, Cathy and Carey Sartain, and others were there. I did what I could and then went on to help with packing boxes for Compassion Ministries. We always have a good time with this project. It’s hard work but the fellowship is great and when we complete the packing, we have a short prayer service. Thursday and Friday, because of siting with Mom, I was unable  to help at the church.

Early Saturday morning I went over to the church, found a crowd gathered there, with decorating in high gear. Shelley had arrived it was so good to see her. The kitchen crew got all the food and drinks ready and then we went home to dress. Back shortly, we got everything on the tables, except the punch. Shelley had given me the recipe and with this I directed, while Mike, with super strength, scooped ice cream. With his sister, Brenda Marshall’s stirring, we got it made. Margie Pilcher got instruction on serving a cheesecake Bride’s Cake. Becky York, Cathy Sartain, Ruth Anthony, Sammie Cobern, Cindy Dickey and, I’m sure others, filled cookie trays, milk decanter, fruit trays and bowls, and served ice cream. The reception went very smooth with everyone working together.

Mike had decorated the church and it was so beautiful—he is truly a professional floral decorator He’s also a great cook and he’s pretty good at hair arranging. Think God gave him to many talents. 

Amber’s team did a great job decorating the fellowship hall. It was a beautiful wedding, with a radiant bride in a gorgeous dress, beautiful bridesmaids, two very pretty moms, and the groom and his attendants were very handsome.

An estimated 200 guests – family and friends –attended. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event so much and we were so glad that Amber came back to be with us on this joyous occasion.


Sunday morning I was privileged to sit with Bro. Ken during worship service. First time ever, because he had always been in the pulpit and I was on the first or second pew on the piano side of the sanctuary. We were blessed to have three preachers in the congregation Sunday morning—Bro. Lynn Jones in the pulpit, Bro. John Lancaster on the organ side and Bro. Ken on the piano side of the church—balanced that pretty well, didn’t they? 

All three are excellent speakers and we have been so blessed to have all  of them in our midst.


 Sunday night service was a fellowship at the home of Bro. Lynn and Danielle in Oxford. We got to tour his beautiful yard, with so many pretty flowers and shrubs and on the porch were many hanging baskets and pots filled with unusual plants. My favorite was a new petunia, dubbed Supertunia. He reports that they are very easy to grow, one fills a normal size container, and you do not have to deadhead them.  Sounds too good to be true, but his were mounds of blooms a couple of feet across and cascading almost to the ground. After our garden tour, we were invited in for refreshments—really a meal — which was delicious. It was a delightful fellowship.


Jim called just as I was coming in from the party to see how I was—he’s still worried about my knee. I’m not worried about it, I’m just impatient—want it to be well, so I can run and wear high heels and all the pain be gone. I talk to people who have had chronic pain for most of their lives and I really wonder how they have endured it. I’ve never had any pain until the last two months and I know that mine is really not that bad, but it is wearing me out. Guess God is trying to teach me a lesson and I’m a poor student.


Remember that Sunday is Father’s Day. Mine has been in heaven for over 55 years and Ed’s, who was also a father to me, died July 1, 1977 and of course Jim lost his father in 2003, and Celeste’s father died a couple of years ago. So our celebrations will have to be with brothers, brother’s in law and friends. Hope everyone has a happy one.

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