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Betty’s Week

   I’ve talked to several people who have had many of the same symptoms I’ve  had for the past week. Most of theirs have lasted longer, but that may have been because I was already on antibiotics when my problem developed. It came on very suddenly—in the middle of the night last Monday. I awoke about midnight, feeling like I was drowning. My pillow was soaked  and my noise and eyes were flowing like an artesian well. This continued all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I was taking a brand  name over the counter allergy/sinus pill. 

Late in the afternoon Wednesday I took one of the store brand pills and almost immediately began getting relief. Was much better Thursday until I went to the nursing home, where it was so hot—Mom stays cold. Began developing bronchitis and it escalated all day Friday. Jimmie came in and sent me home to avoid the heavy rain and dark and I’m sure she also knew I needed to rest. 

Rest I did. 

Went to bed, slept until about nine Saturday morning, got us and ate a little breakfast. Then became a couch potato for the rest of the day. The last time I remember not showering and dressing for the day was probably 40 years ago, when I had the full fledged flu—I was sick back then. Saturday I just felt weak, had no appetite, but really nothing hurt. I did cough and sneeze a lot. 

Sunday, got up and attended church. Made it through Sunday school, even though my throat was scratchy, but didn’t dare go to the choir. Our choir loft is always hot and I knew that even if I could stay on pitch, I would get a coughing spell and have to leave. 

Monday I continued to improve, so think my bout with this allergy will be short lived. Had two folks in this morning who reported they had to have three rounds of antibiotics to recover. My UTI antibiotic apparently killed two birds.


  Thursday, arriving at the nursing home in Batesville, I found one of the nephew’s small TVs being used. It had no remote control—apparently a must in today’s world. I did not have TV all day on the Friday before and was about to purchase a new set before I left. However, the other residents on A Wing reported that their TVs were not working so I assumed it was  just a system glitch. Jimmie says Brother Rance woke her up when he arrived early  Sunday morning and demanded a TV—said he couldn’t make it through the day without one. 

She instructed him that Wal-Mart was open and he could run down and buy one. Then I’m sure the war began. He countered with the news that he didn’t have any money (we all know he carries way to much money in his wallet). At any rate when I arrived Thursday we still did not have a new TV, so when Jimmie came by, we fed Mom and it was off to buy a new set. 

Took about 15 minutes. However, installation was another story. Jimmie is much better at this than I am so she worked until she was tired, getting the set to play, but without a full screen picture. Sent her on home, because I knew I would not watch it much that night and we’d  continue with a complete installation next day. The instruction booklet is very limited and advised that for a complete installation guide to go to the proper address on your computer and download the complete booklet.  Now there are many people who do not have access to a computer and many more who are not computer savvy—me being one of them. Knew if it became necessary I could bring the booklet to David or Mel and they would get me the info I needed.

However, when Mom went to sleep, I just punched buttons until the picture looked like I wanted it to. Jimmie came in next day and says, “You fixed it, what did you do?” Told her not to touch it because I did not have a clue as to what I did. I wanted Jimmie to go early Sunday morning, put the old set back on the table, and let Rance struggle without a TV—or go buy a new one. She didn’t think the joke funny enough to get up that early.

  After our struggle with the TV installation I’m so glad that when I purchase a new TV all I have to do is call Joey at Sartain’s True Value, tell him the size I need, he takes it out and when I turn it on it is ready to play. Really thought about calling him Thursday, but didn’t think he’d want to make a delivery to Panola County.


  I did watch a lot of TV on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I’m convinced that with all the copper equipment being advertised (clothing, medical braces, all sorts of kitchen cookware) that copper is the new gold. Wish we’d saved all those copper pennies we turned in after Ed’s death. He had wrapped coins for years and had lots of pennies—the solid copper kind.

 Missed the golf tournament. My control was on the table away from my couch so I just watched whatever came on. Was not familiar with the young man who won.


  Mel reports that there are lots of blackberries. I do like them, but will not pick them. I’m so allergic to red bugs that I will just have to go without this delicious fruit. Ed always picked and washed them for me, because if you get them picked without the bugs and wash them you can still get a good case of red bug bites—found that out the hard way one year.

  Mel was off several days last week and got red bug bites, poison ivy, lots of scrapes and cuts, and probably other bites. She’s a mess, scratching like a dog with a bad infestation of fleas. Think I’ll just stay on the concrete and eat from the supermarket.


 Coming up is the Fourth of July holiday. This one is really going to mess up our printing schedule. The paper will be printed on Friday night, before the 4th, but delivered at the regular time on Wednesday morning. This will require a copy and ad deadline of Thursday 5 p.m. 

Be sure to note this and get everything to us in time for publication. We’re sorry about this but the printer is not working on the holiday, which means we get a couple of days off, also. Had very few of these in my 59 years here, so don’t know what I’ll do on them—probably eat.

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