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Betty’s Week

  On Wednesday mornings I always leave home about five o’clock, go to the office and load the van, before beginning my delivery route at a quarter to six. Even at that hour I’m very careful crossing the bypass – always look  to the north, then to the south and again to the north. 

When I took that first look last Wednesday I was amazed at the beauty of the sky. With no traffic anywhere I took a better look. It was the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many. The sky was an intense hot pink, with an almost fish scale pattern, looking like a beautiful paining (it was—God’s painting).

Finally left that spot, came on to Martin Street. Before  turning onto Railroad I again looked north and the sky was still beautiful. Watched it throughout the loading chore and the view gradually faded as the sun came up. Usually sunsets are much prettier than sunrises—but this one would have rivaled any sunset I’ve ever seen. Wish I’d thought to make a picture.


Along the paper route discussion was plentiful about the shooting over the weekend. I’d heard very little about this event until I read David’s story. Our TV had been hit by lightening and my only report had come from Jimmie, who was surprised that I knew nothing. Her knowledge was very limited. Got lots more info Wednesday morning, though. 

Everyone had a theory, a reason the villains were in the Valley, why they were staying where they were, and also involvement of locals in this horrible crime. I was totally clueless, so I just listened to all stories, solutions, and ideas for preparing ourselves for defense in case of another crime of this type, or any other crime. I heard some  pretty good preventive measures, all pretty expensive.

My little injection of levity into the matter was that I usually watched old-timey westerns with pretty spectacular shoot-outs as I sit with Mom on the weekends. Told everyone I thought I’d give that up and just follow the sheriff and police departments around—their action is much more intense. Thought about it a bit, and then decided that I really did not want to be that close to the action, so I’ll just stick to watching it on the screen. First hand accounts are enough—don’t need to be an eye witness.

Heard so many say they thought we all needed to start carrying a gun. Can you imagine what a problem that would cause? I’m a good shot, always have been. I killed my first bird at age six, with a single shot Daisy BB Gun. Shot it through the eye—that’s what I was aiming for. Then I cried for a long time because I had killed that beautiful bird. My dad set me straight on shooting a gun, and especially shooting at something you don’t want to kill. 

After they I never shot at anything except a paper target and I usually hit the bull’s eye. Haven’t had my gun in my hand since Ed’s death. Might better get my pistol out and see if I  can hit the side of the barn.


Looks like we can’t get through a weekend without rain. This one was the aftermath of Tropical Storm Cindy. Only problem I have with the rain is when I have to leave the nursing home in Batesville and travel home in it. 

Mom is doing fine and thanks to all of you who ask about her and pray for her—you prayers and concern are muchly appreciated. As for food, I’m doing to good. Between left-overs and Larson’s deli, I eat way to much and it’s all delicious.


Vacation Bible school began Sunday night at Woodland Hills and it promises to be a great one. Superintendent Margie Pilcher, her staff, and many helpers did a great job of decorating. The church looks like we are out in space. VBS Theme is Lord of the Universe. I’m in charge of the refreshments and I think I have it under control. At least I have plenty of blue Kool-Aide, which is a favorite, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, used as a substitute when children do not like the item on the menu. We also have plenty of chips, cookies and ice cream. Our featured supper entrees this year are corn dogs, chicken strips and pizza. Thursday night is parents and friends night, where everyone is invited to see the nightly routine, view the teaching areas, and enjoy  finger foods, some which might have a space twist to them.


Don’t forget that before you get to read the next edition of the Herald, you will have already celebrated the Fourth of July. Next week’s paper will be printed before the 4th, but we can’t deliver it until after the holiday. It will go into the post office on Wednesday, the 5th and I’ll put them into the stores at my appointed Wednesday time.

Do remember that the deadline for both news and ads, for this edition will be Thursday, June 29, 5 p.m. The office will be closed  all day both Monday and Tuesday, July 3rd and 4th

 Hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July!

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