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Betty’s Week

 This interesting article came my way recently and since this week is short and there is very little happening in my life, I thought I’d share it with you readers.

Washington Honors the Jewish People for Their Assistance in the War

  General George Wash-ington and his army were freezing and starving in the snows of Valley Forge, during the American Revolution with the British. Without food, arms, or ammunition it seemed this war was a lost cause. But with the help of a Jew named Haymn Salomon, a banker from Philadelphia who arranged for the Jews of the 13 colonies to give financial aid to General Washington and his army, the tide was turned, and his army was able to defeat the British.

  Washington was so appreciative of the Jewish contribution to the birth of America that he instructed the engravers of the American one-dollar bill to engrave a tribute to the Jewish people over the head of the bald eagle. If you look carefully, above the eagle’s head you’ll see the Star of David, surrounded by the brilliant light of the Shekinah Glory that dwelled about the Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies in the Jewish Tabernacle.

  If you turn a one-dollar bill upside down and place your thumb over the Eagle’s head, the shield becomes the menorah, or the seven golden candle sticks of Israel. Placing your thumb completely over the shield leaves the tail of nine feathers that represents the flames of Hanukkah Menorah.

  The symbolism doesn’t stop here. To the Israelites the number 13 was a significant number. Including the Levities, there were 13 tribes of Israel. Thirteen is also the age at which a boy or girl reaches adulthood. Look on a one-dollar bill and there are 13 leaves in the olive branch in the right talon of the eagle, there are 13 arrows in the left talon, 13 stripes on the shield, 13 stars in the cloud representing the 13 colonies.


  I often flip the TV on when I get up early, usually to do something in the kitchen. Was baking cookies and making chicken salad for refreshments at Vacation Bible School’s family night when I learned an interesting bit of information that makes me very proud. The  U.S. News and World Report had chosen St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis as the number one children’s hospital in the world. This was from a pool  of 5,000 hospitals. The report went on to state  another Memphis children’s hospital, Le Bonheur, was, I think, in the number seven position. 

We are so blessed with excellent medical facilities in our area. Campbell’s Clinic is among the top orthopedic facilities in the world, Baptist, Methodist, and many other hospital are top notch facilities, and we have West Clinic for cancer care.

  Add to that the fact that Yalobusha General Hospital has been upgraded several times over its 50 year life and additional renovations and additions are on the drawing board at the present. It’s great that so many of our health needs can be cared for locally. Not only do we have wonderful facility, but our doctors, nurses, hospital administrator, and all other health care personnel are superb. 


  We’ve had a great week of Vacation Bible School at Woodland Hills. Margie Pilcher, VBS Director is very professional. Teachers are well prepared, Sylvia Beene is an outstanding crafts director; Becky York, missions director, knows so much about the mission field; and all the recreation leaders have done a great job. Sammie Cobern, Tammy Allen and I have had so much fun seeing that the youngsters are well fed each night. The young people are well behaved and appreciative. Had several tell me my chicken was better than the outstanding commercial chicken restaurants—now that will give any cook the big head. 

Also had one little girl ask, “Who made the brownies?”

It was me and she says, “Well they’re the best ever.” Now I may just keep cooking. The theme last week was “God of the Universe” and in the lessons the children learned that God made everything. One young man stated that, “This is the best thing God every made.” 

He was eating a twinkie. Brother-in-law Bill Cole would probably agree with him. One young person was selected to give thanks for the food each night. Wish you could have heard some of the prayers that were prayed. These children have been well taught and they certainly know how to pray—they just talk to God, telling Him all their needs and asking his blessing on everyone and everything, including the food. Most adults can’t do as well.


  Let me urge everyone to be careful of snakes. Arrived home from VBS Wednesday night and was entering the house with an armload of stuff no longer needed at the church. Got out my front door key and was about to open the door when for some reason I looked up. On top of the door, nestled on the TV cable, was about an 18 inch little black snake—nonpoisonous. 

First instinct was to run back to the van and call Mark Anthony, who takes care of my lizards and snakes. Phone was not in the van. When I got to the office and called, Mark did not answer his phone—next day found out that he was also at Bible school. After Mark did not answer, I called Al Davis. He’s only a little less afraid of snakes than I am, but he came with back up—wife Betty, and a mutual friend, Janice Dollahite. When we arrived back at the house the snake had left his perch and was nowhere in sight.  We went in and looked all over the house—I didn’t want sneaky snake to be hiding inside.  

Al checked the door and didn’t think it possible for the critter to get inside, but just in case He and Janice looked everywhere—Betty and I trailed along behind. I did sleep in the house, but with lots of lights on and sleeping very lightly. When I see a snake I can picture many of them lurking everywhere for several months.—may be only a piece of rope, a shadow, of just anything that might look like a snake.

  Mark says that we are seeing so many snakes this year because of our wet weather. He says that snakes not used to being wet are looking for dry places to dry themselves out. Maybe I’d better turn the sprinklers on my house since they’re certainly not needed on the grass or flowers.


  Fourth of July celebration was very calm around my house. Ate left overs and was even to lazy to get over to Panola County where I’m sure there were several great fireworks displays—and I do like fireworks. Guess I’m saving my enjoyment for Mechanics Bank’s fabulous display during Watermelon Carnival weekend. Won’t be long—only a month away.

  Hope everyone had a great holiday.

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