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Betty’s Week

We have come to the time of year when it’s hot  – even in the early morning hours. Wednesday at 5 a.m. my van registered 78 degrees and that was a very humid 78—probably the heat index was way up in the 80s. And I’m driving around with not much coolant. Can’t remember to call George and see if he can remedy this. 


At three Thursday afternoon, going across  Eureka Road with that west sun in my face, I remembered—thought I’d have a heat stroke before I traveled that 25 miles. However this morning coming in early it was reasonable cool, so I’ve again forgotten to call for help. Maybe I’ll get it done before Thursday.



 All we’ve done during the last week is work on Watermelon Carnival material, which is very interesting, but time consuming. Don’t think I’ve even been out to eat. Have been down to Larson’s a couple of times and their take-out is wonderful.


Trusty Diner has opened and I’m very much looking forward to trying it. Congratulation to Lawton Gafford on this project completion. I know his parents, Happy and George, are proud of him; and his grandparents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gafford, would have enjoyed having him here in the Valley and getting to see his new business.



Sister Jimmie has started housecleaning in preparation for Mom’s 103rd birthday party coming up mid-August. I was informed not to bring home anything that is usually stored at her house until after this event. That means my living and dining room will stay packed until after this date. I have washed and polished it all though, and it is neatly packed in crates and boxes. At least it has not yet spilled over into the den, kitchen or my bedroom. My job for this event is usually cooking and it’s a bit to early to began this.


Did cook a little last week. Cousin Charley Ward Bridges (C.W. as he is known in the nursing home) celebrated a 79th birthday on Saturday. As promised, I cooked him a pineapple cake and some southern cornbread (that’s without sugar). Have to make chili this week and some more cornbread. I don’t know about chili in July—but that’s what he wants.


Pineapple cake is not a favorite of mine to make (except for pineapple upside cake), but I finally found what sounded like a good recipe in an old cookbook. Used it and it turned out really good. Think I’ll make one for the family or maybe one for Al Davis (remember he ate that cake most every  time we visited the Perkins Restaurant on Highway 6). 

I use to taste his dessert and as I remember the cake I made last week tasted a lot like those did. Oh, the memories little things like a cake icing bring back. The Davises and Crows along with Ed and I went over to eat Perkin’s barbecue, fish, and their salad bar (especially the chicken salad when we got there early enough to get some) almost every week. Was so much fun—the food and fellowship were great.



Helped a little with Jack Sartain’s research on the history of the watermelon carnivals. Was amazed at what I’d forgotten about these events and I know I was present for all of the second wave except for the first and parts of a few of the latest. I didn’t remember the queen and her court having a parade to the gazebo before her introduction on Friday night and it went on for a number of years. 

Stunt flight demonstrations, hot air balloon rides—no memory—but did remember the ultra light. The number of reunions, both school and family, were amazing—some of them occurring year after year. For all the ice cold watermelon slices served, the Valley had to  have a pretty good melon harvest, even though at least two years were reported to be poor growing years.



Heard from Celeste and Jim Thursday and they were to spend the night in Utica, New York with the Eastman School of Music Department’s secretary during his years as a student there. This couple became adopted parents of our child while he was with them and we did appreciate it. After this they were going on to the East Coast to visit with a cousin of  Celeste’s whom she had not seen in 27 years. They were looking forward to this visit. Next they would begin their trek from the far northeast to about three-fourths across the U.S. and almost to its southern border—a long ride. 

They have not checked in Monday, so don’t know where they are or even what route they have chosen. It’s fun following them on their vacation though—almost like getting to go in person.



Attendance was low in church services Sunday. We have so many out with illnesses. One of our members  (a teenager) was bitten by a copperhead and was in LeBonhuer Hospital in Memphis. He was reported to be improving and his prognosis is good. 


I’m staying on the concrete and even then watching very carefully as I take steps. Pot plants will just have to die, I’m not getting out the hose and walking across the yard to water. Probably would not do any good to keep them alive anyway, since the deer have reappeared. 

Ate my two beautiful pots of caladiums—one Friday night and the other Saturday. They are now munching on the hostas. Pretty soon I want have anything to water. They’ve already destroyed all the Knockout roses and most of the azaleas in the front bed. The boys cut down the holly—should have left it for deer food, but they were afraid of snakes getting to me from that shelter. Not very pretty, but I do like being able o see around the front porch.



 Mom and I had a good time this week. Her only concern was that my pretty red shirt had short sleeves and she was afraid I’d freeze. Told her it was the middle of July and almost a 100 degrees outside—don’t think that ever registered. Thanks to all of you who ask about her and keep us in your prayers.

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