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Customers Needed For Farmers Markets

Every Saturday morning for the last couple of years my dad has gone to the Courthouse Square at Hernando to sell his farm raised eggs and vegetables and this past Saturday was no exception.  I usually try to go with him to the market at least one time a year during the growing season.  

Saturday I went to help sell all of the fresh sweet corn that he has coming in now.  I must say that the Hernando Farmers Market is one of the largest markets in the state and Saturday was one of the busiest days of the year so far.  I know that farmers markets are a very old concept that were reintroduced in Mississippi largely in part by the MSU Extension Service and community development organizations around the state.  

In order for farmers markets to work there have to be two willing parties – the grower and the buyer.  Yalobusha County has two farmers markets one in Coffeeville and one in Water Valley.  The market in Coffeeville is from 8-12 on Saturday mornings at the Bandstand downtown.  The market in Water Valley is from 3 to 6 p.m. on Friday afternoons.  The key to making both of these markets work is to have an abundance of quality products, which we have, and a abundance of customers, which we need.  I know that our markets will never be as big as say Hernando, but I think they could be bigger with more buyers.  

Every Monday morning when I get to the office one of the first things that I do is fill out a weekly agricultural survey for the county.  The last month I have been skipping over the questions about peanut production because I didn’t know of any peanuts in the county.  Well last Friday I had to make a trip over to Starkville and I spotted some peanuts out in the Benwood community.  

I know I am the county agriculture agent and am supposed to know about all of the crops being grown in the county but I just haven’t noticed them before Friday.  I also have been out looking at other crops in the county this weekend and the once struggling cotton that was scattered around the county has gotten what it needed to straighten out, some hot weather.  



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