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Sparks And Powell Qualify For Nationals

The State Invitational 4-H Shooting Sports tournament was held on Friday and Saturday, July 28-29, in West Point.  Yalobusha County had two participants who qualified to shoot in the tournament, Shelby Sparks of Coffeeville and Spencer Powell of Water Valley.  Sparks shoots in the 10-meter air pistol competition and Powell shoots in the archery competition.

In the 10-meter air pistol competition, competitors must use an open sighted pistol that shoots .177 caliber flat nosed pellets as ammunition while standing one handed.  Competitors must shoot two separate rounds slow-fire bullseye and timed fire.  The Slow-fire bullseye consists of 40 shots, five per target, with 90 seconds per shot.  The timed fire consists of 20 shots, five shots per bullseye, with five seconds per shot.  Sparks finished fourth in the state and qualified to compete in the national event in Nebraska. 

The archery competition consists of three rounds, Joad FITA round, Field Round and 3-D round.  JOAD FITA round archers shoot 12 arrows per target at 60, 50, 40, and 30 meters.  The 40 and 30 meter target has an 80 centimeter face and the 60 and 50 meter targets have a 122 centimeter face.  During the field round archers shoot at 15 targets, two arrows per target, from ranges of 5 to 80 yards.  The 3-D round consists of 15 targets, one arrow per target, from 5 to 50 yards.   Powell dominated this event by winning all three rounds and winning the overall archery tournament.  He also qualified to shoot in the National tournament in Nebraska in June of 2018.  

This is a good week to do some late garden planting and maybe some second crops that will still have time to make before we have a frost.  If you plant purple hull peas within the next week you should have time for them to make.  Now is also a good time to plant some late tomatoes to have tomatoes on into the fall.  The only problem or challenge with planting late summertime crops is the insect pressure is usually more prevalent with insects maturing and becoming resistant to over spraying of certain chemicals throughout the year.     

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