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Betty’s Week

 For the past few weeks the column has begun with sympathy to families of long-time friends. This week is no different and during the past week I have lost two.


When I got to the Valley Junior Cook was driver for Freeman Truck Line’s Water Valley route. For about 30 years I saw Junior several days a week. Back then we not only printed the newspaper, which necessitated lots of supplies, but we also had a commercial job printing shop and an office supply store, both needing lots of supplies. With all this we kept Junior and Freeman busy—we were probably their most frequent deliveries in WV. 

In those days drivers were not on a super tight schedule as they are today, so often we would visit for several minutes each time a delivery was made and it was always a joy to visit with Junior. His wife, Evelyn, was a classmate of Ed’s, so when Ed and I walked in the late afternoon or even at night, we often stopped for a visit with the Cooks as they sat out on their porch. Then in high school we became great friends with their daughters, Wanda and Nancy. 

Wanda was a good friend of Kitti Craven, who was a part-employee in the office during her high school years. Wanda often volunteered to help with any chores where she was needed. We counted the entire Cook family among our friends. Sympathy is extended to Evelyn, Wanda, Nancy and the entire family. Will miss Junior, although in recent years due to his health issues and my limited spare time due to helping with Mom’s care, our visits had been few and far between. Memories are wonderful though, and I often think about the many time we visited as he delivered those tons of freight.



Joan Mooney, another long-time friend, left us last week. I’ll miss her most on nights that O’Tuckolofa does not have services and Woodland Hill does. Joan was faithful to visit us on these occasions. Her niece, Margie Pilcher, would pick her up and bring her to our service. I also often sat with her and the O’Tuck gang at the semi-annual Yalobusha Baptist Association meetings. I missed the spring session this year, but I did enjoy a long visit last September during the fall meeting. I really enjoyed Joan’s company, but I also liked the fact that she knew almost everyone and so I got to know lots of people through her. 

Sympathy is extended to Nieces Margie, Clemmie Callahan, all other family members, and her church family. We will all miss her.



Have missed Margie for the past couple of weeks. She had shoulder surgery, but the report is that she is recuperating very well and should be back in church services in the near future. I’m so glad that the surgery was successful, because Margie had been in pain for a long time. 


We’ve had many more out of church, due to illness. Louise and Louis Green, David Harris, Bro. John Lancaster, his wife, Linda, and her sister, Faye Howell, have all had health problems and we have missed all of you—they’re all members of our Adult I Sunday School class. In the other classes there have been many more missing for the past few weeks, due to illness or illness of family members. 

Among those with an illness of a family member is our pastor’s wife, Danielle Jones, whose father, Mr. Dan Volk, fell and broke his leg, and also has several other health problems. Our prayers are for all of these.



Robert Montgomery delivered a jar of Agnes’ Chow-Chow and it was delicious with my pot of peas and cornbread. I received the hot version and Mel and David got the mild. Agnes and Robert are so generous with their food. Of curse they might have to find me some bigger clothes if they keep feeding me so good.



My week was work, then sitting with Mom in the nursing home in Batesville. Had a sitter out with a bad respiratory problem, so I had to do double duty. Wasn’t bad though, Mom was healthy and happy. On Thursday night, she was a little to happy —she talked about half the night. When she finally went to sleep, another resident down the hall from us decided that someone had put him in ice water and he yelled—as loud as he possible could—for someone to get him out of that water. This continued for an hour or so. 

Then on Friday might, the CNAs came in every couple of hours, so there was no sleeping—I was awake about 38 hours, before I got to my bed. Also, had taken very little food with me because I ate a big meal just before I went over. I usually eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, which I had in the nursing home. Lunch is usually peanut butter and crackers, a Coke, and a piece of fruit, then I eat a big supper when I get home. 

Since I was not going to get home, when Jimmie asked if I wanted food, I quickly replied a KFC Chicken Pot Pie. She brought it and I ate the whole thing and it was good. Got home Saturday morning, ate some breakfast, then it was beddy—bye until I got up for lunch. Later in the afternoon Bo came to cut my grass, and Carolyn came with him. 

When she hopped out of the truck, I said, “I just got all my dishes washed, but I saved the crumb filled floor for you.”


Of course, that was not true, because I did not even known they were coming, but she replied, “Where’s the broom?” She is a good sister-in-law. Told her I knew how to use the  broom and would when they went home—I just wanted to visit.

Bo even came in for a few minutes. He was worn out, having been on that lawn mower all day in the heat—said he had cut  his yard, Mom’s yard, Brother Rance’s yard, Misty’s yard and, I think, a neighbor’s yard. I do appreciate him and really did after the snake stories I heard Sunday. Seems that one person killed a rattlesnake with 12 rattlers, and another killed one with 13. If I lived in that neighborhood I think I’d have to move. After hearing those stories I saw snakes all night Sunday.



I watched a lot of TV over the weekend—what else can you do in a nursing home room, especially if you have forgotten to bring a good book or your colors and coloring book (these were Mother’s Day gifts from Celeste and Jim and are so much fun). 

On the Big Valley, a very young Lee Majors plays Heath Barkley. Then that night, a very mature Lee Majors was one of the leading characters in a made for Hallmark movie. I could see no resemblance in the two characters. Sunday night, while eating my sandwich, I flipped on the TV and on the Hallmark Channel, there was a made for TV movie, “At Home in Midford”, just starting.  



Football season began Friday night, with the Blue Devils playing Eupora in Eupora, We lost 13-7—not bad considering Eupora is well ahead on wins in the history of these two teams. Last time I saw the Devils play in Eupora it was a cold, raining night. We all got soaked, the field was under about six inches of water and the band was  not even let off the buses. Ed and I had our best rain gear on and it was not enough—we still did not have a dry thread.  


Better luck this week Devils, as you meet our cross-county rivals, the Coffeeville Pirates. 

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