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Betty’s Week

 From the traffic on the bypass early last Wednesday morning, I think the Labor Day holiday weekend began early. Coming from Dunn’s on 32, I always turn into the slow lane going North. The traffic was almost bumper to bumper going both ways. I really thought I was going to have to turn toward Water Valley, turn around and them come back across to get to the Shell Station for my paper delivery. 

At the last minute I did get a break and was able to get into the turn lane, but even then it took a few cars to get across the south bound lane. Shell had a lot of customers and then when I wanted to cross the bypass back to the Valley, it again took a few minutes. I was glad I had  not planned a weekend road trip.

Our chores for the end of the week were getting out statements for the month. Mel had them all ready to print and then we discovered we were out of toner. Finally got one right before noon on Thursday and I was able to help do most of the envelope stuffing (my part of this job) before heading to Batesville. At  lunch time Mel ordered us a sandwich from Hometown Pizza and I was about to go out into the flood to get it, when David came back from his lunch at B.T.C. 

Since he was already a bit damp, I told him that since we were working through lunch hour for him, he could go pick up ours—I was joking. But he took me seriously and obeyed–even paid for it—now that’s a good boss.

I left about 2:30, picked up a few items needed in the nursing home along with a salad and sandwich for my enjoyment during the next day and night, and drove over in a pretty heavy rain—never so bad that visibility was impaired. Not so that night. Jimmie was hosting bridge and had encouraged me to come and visit, even if I did not want to play. Bo came to sit while I was out. Arriving, he says, “Sis, I don’t know it you really want to drive to Pope or not.” 

Well, I looked out and it was bad, but since he’d come to cover for me, I took my chances. The old van handles well in both wind and water—and there was plenty of both. My wipers had trouble keeping the water off the windshield, and the wind was blowing a lot of debris into the roads. Several placed on 51 the water completely covered the highway and then on the Pope/Crowder Road the water was in places several inches deep. I drove slowly and made it fine, except for frazzled nerves. We played until about 10 and the rain and wind were still with us. I even played—one member of the party lives in Southaven and had called to cancel. We were glad she had, even though it would a have been great to see her. 

For not having had cards in my hands for over a year, I didn’t play badly. Was not high scorer, but surprising enough, I was not low either, Jimmie had made us a good supper and I got to take left-overs back to the nursing home, which was great. The fellowship was wonderful. Got to catch up on not only the members, but their families as well. 

My normal tour of duty at the Batesville nursing home with mom at present is Thursday 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. on Friday. However, this week our Friday night sitter was being honored with a big birthday bash on Saturday, so I sent her home to rest Friday night. Mom was not a happy camper Friday night (she fought the CNA and me like a tiger each time we tried to tend her), so I took the Saturday shift. 

Our regular sitter, who could have handled Mom, was having treatments for her back and had to send a replacement. Was afraid that someone not knowing how to handle her could not work with her in that negative attitude. Wound up sitting 50-plus hours with no sleep. Did get a good night’s sleep Saturday and was able to stay awake in church. Mom was fine on Saturday and we don’t know what caused the bad mood earlier. 


Sunday, my day of rest, I looked in the fridge and rest went out the window. It was to the point that it was clean it out or not have any left overs. I filled up one large garbage bag and the thing still looked completely full. I had bowls of every chicken dish I know how to cook, pot roast, soup, spaghetti, cakes, pies, salads, and who knows what else. Washed four sinks full of refrigerator dishes, and a couple full of boilers, which had held peas, beans, limas, cabbage, kale, potatoes, etc. 

After all the clean up, I found trays that fit  the shelves. Found that I had almost every flavor of jelly and jam—filled a whole tray. Next came pickles, relishes, mustard, etc. Mayonnaise, salad dressings, and ketchup are in a door shelf, milk is in another, juice and Diet Coke in still another. That leaves two shelves open for left-overs, of which I vow will be fewer. Meat and vegetable baskets are fine, as is butter and cheese keepers. If I can just keep it this way, I’ll give myself a gold star—let you know later how I do.

In my cleaning I did find one interesting thing—a big bag of pecans someone had given me last fall. There was not enough to take a trip to the cracker, so I thought I’d amuse myself some evening by cracking them myself. Well apparently that didn’t seem to happen, so they were just shoved further back. Tiring of fridge cleaning, I got out the hammer, the old cutting board, and popped shells all over the kitchen and den. I was persistent and shelled the entire bag, netting a quart of delicious nuts. 

That was probably good pay for that entire afternoon’s work. Remembered how much fun the entire family had when we were children, as we sat around the radio, cracking and picking out gallons of pecans. There were no commercial crackers and we did not even have a Red Rocket—it was hammer and cutting board. Those pecans made such good pies, cakes and candy, so shelling them was fun in anticipation of all that good stuff. Back then the orchards let us pick them up on halves, so our pecans cost us nothing but labor and we had plenty of time. 


There was a serious accident on 315 about 8 p.m. Sunday night—a little west of my driveway. David heard about it and called to make sure I was okay. Was in safely, since we did not have church Sunday night. However, if I had been coming from the nursing home it would have been about the right time for me to have been in that area. 

For a couple of Sundays I had been the Sunday sitter. Brother Rance had had surgery and was unable to sit, so I had taken his slot. But for the past couple of Sundays he has been able to sit, so I was in house and safe. At this time we still do not know who was involved—maybe we’ll get a report before press time.


Enjoyed a visit with Shirley Riley, whom I had not seen for a long time. She and Steve came in Monday morning to put in a yard sale and. Steve went into David’s office so Shirley and I had a great one-on-one catching up visit. Her job sounds so interesting. She travels the state and also does some national traveling. I admire these women who can just get in a car and go anywhere or on a plane and fly to all these distant destinations. 

I have not even gotten brave enough to get on a plane to fly to visit Celeste and Jim. It was good to hear a little about Chris (Steve and Shirley’s only child). We have that in common—both with only one child and both with good daughters-in-law. Always enjoy visiting with Steve, but I get to do that often, so was glad he needed David and left Shirley and me alone. 

Steve is one of my favorite kids, and I’m glad he had the good sense to marry Shirley, so I have another favorite (adopted) child, even though she does still have her biological mother, whom they were off to visit with when they left us.  Looking forward to a return visit Shirley, and Steve you’re welcome anytime.


Congratulations to the Blue Devils in their 40-0 win over J. Z. George (Carroll County) last Friday night. Friday night they will meet long-time rival Bruce Trojans on Bobby Clark Field. Game time is 7 p.m. Good luck.

I’m working on a nursing home schedule so hopefully I’ll be able to see at least one .

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