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Pine Pole, Upland Hardwood Production Are Topics In Forestry Field Day

Wednesday of last week my family and I took a late season vacation to the Gulf Coast.  We went to Perdido Beach, which is just inside the Florida state line past Orange Beach.  Perdido Key is a quiet little community with great beaches and food.  Our boys are old enough now that mom and dad can actually go and have fun without worrying about watching every little move they make.  We had a great time swimming in the ocean, searching for seashells, and eating good food.  

While driving down between Mobile and Perdido we pass a little town named Alberta, Ala.  It is a small town about the size of Water Valley with a large farming presence in the town and surrounding countryside.  The main crop 15 years ago in that area was turf grass, but when the recession hit in 2008 a lot of the ground was converted back to row crop ground.  

The main crops grown down there now are peanuts, cotton and oats.  The turf grass acreage has made a little comeback but not to those pre-recession levels.  The local news in the area was running several stories over the weekend on just how bad the damage was from Hurricane Irma to the vegetable industry down there.  I heard one report that some 75,000 acres of vegetables were completely wiped out.  I guess that will mean low quality produce and high prices as produce coming to our area will come from Central and South America.  I am not saying that the produce that comes from these other areas are of bad quality, it is just that shipping these products is hard on them.  Let us all hope for a speedy recovery and rebuilding process in all of the areas affected by the hurricanes.  

The Yalobusha County Forestry Association will host a Forestry Field Day at Joe Snider’s farm south of Coffeeville.  The Forestry Field day will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday, October 14, and continue through lunch.  The topics include pine pole production, upland hardwood production and farm pond management.  If you would be interested in attending please call the Extension office at 662-675-2730 to reserve your spot. 


The Mississippi State Fair is coming up in a few weeks and Yalobusha County has a couple of kids that are showing animals this year. Last year was the first time that I had ever attended the fair and I must say that I had a pleasant surprise with the overall experience.  I would advise someone looking for something to do for entertainment during the first two weeks in October to look at the schedule for the fair.

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