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My How Times Flies, Four Years Under The Belt In Just Minutes

My, how times flies. I feel like it was only a few months ago that we were voting for Mayor and here we are again. Four years under the belt in minutes.

Why does everything exciting happen when I’m gone? I have been off living in a cabin in the North Georgia mountains for a week without cell service or internet and, of course, Water Valley decides to choose that very week to go mayor-less. Not the week before….not the week after. No. I take this as a personal insult from the Column Writing Material gods.

I first learned that Mayor Hart had resigned by way of a private Facebook group post made by millionth generation Turnage, Karen. We talk about all sorts of stuff in this all-women’s group and eventually the conversations almost always take a turn toward the topic of margaritas, but this one comment thread stayed right on track, filled with exclamation points and multiple consecutive question marks and shocked-face emojis and extensive personality evaluations of each new potential candidate. Yeah, we broke all y’all down… 

We also thoroughly discussed all our theories about the resignation which probably lie somewhere between fact, fiction and wishful thinking. 

And unfortunately, since I am isolated on top of a mountain and am huddled in a corner of my cabin trying to reach the one bar of internet I can steal from the neighboring cabin right now, then the fine line between fact, fiction and wishful thinking is all I have to work on. Of course that level of reliability of information is no different than what I usually am armed with when I write a column, but the point here is that y’all probably know much more about it all than I do right now so I won’t talk about it yet. 

What I will say is that being a mayor in Water Valley is a legit-hard job. You’re not just a face guy. The mayor actually does real things and makes real decisions and runs a real office. Mayor Hart didn’t just cut red ribbons, by any means. Many of us know that already, but for those who don’t then just remember when you vote next, that the job is real, actual, day-to-day managerial work. It’s not something you do on a whim or because your friends talked you into it. 

You’ve really got to have your intentions be clear, focused, realistic and organized. And you need to be smart and willing to listen and adjust your thoughts accordingly after listening. You need to be resourceful and it would help immensely if you already came armed with resources as part of the package.

For all these reasons, Hill Country Living is 200 percent backing Mickey Howley for mayor. I’ve worked with Mickey for, man, like a decade at this point and if there was a reason not to vote for him then I would definitely know it and I would most definitely point it out to him. Instead, it’s the opposite. And I’ll be writing more about all that as soon as I get back from the mountains. 

Until then, sing along with me…”Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? M-I-C…See ya real soon!…K-E-Y…Why? Because we like you! H-O-W-L-EEEE.” Or something like that.

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