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Snakes Seem To Be On The Move

We finally got a few drops of rain out at our place on Sunday, just enough to settle the dust for a day or so.  It sure was hot last week, with temperatures in the low 90s it didn’t feel much like fall.  This week I believe it is finally going to cool down a little and maybe have some decent weather for being in the outdoors.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons with the cooler weather, snow white cotton fields, and changing colors of the leaves. 

I love to hunt squirrels, rabbits and, in particular, deer.  I prefer to bowhunt for deer but have not had a chance to go yet this season – hopefully that will change over the next few weeks.  I haven’t heard any stories of people hunting much around the area, I guess because it has been so hot over the last couple of weeks.  

I do know that the snakes have really been moving the last couple of weeks, so that might keep some people out of the woods. Generally, I am not afraid of snakes as long as I can see them, but if I get close to one and get surprised I could outrun Usain Bolt.  Back during the summer, there was a wildlife biologist talking about snakes during a training. He said that the only snake that he will kill is a cottonmouth, because they will actually come after you.  

The reaction around the room was what you would expect (everyone saying the only good snake is a dead one), he gave some statistics that I can’t remember at the time, saying that snakes eat like 10 times their body weight in mice and rats.  The biologist said that if there were not snakes to catch the rodents, we would be overrun by them.  I used to kill every snake that I came across, but now I will only take out the cottonmouths.  

I had several calls over the last couple of weeks about bugs eating up leafy brassicas (mustards, turnips, kale, spinach, etc.) and today our state entomologist released a notice talking about it.  He said the main culprit are leaf eating worms and caterpillars. I have not seen any worms on the greens that I have looked at.


The damage that I have seen has been from beetles.  Either way a good pyrethroid like permethrin or bifenthrin will take care of any problem that you might have on the greens.  If you do not believe in spraying chemicals, you can use one of the BT concoctions if you have worms or diatomaceous earth for beetle control.    

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