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Bettys Week

Members of Woodland Hills packed boxes for Compassion Ministries Wednesday night. Because my day starts at 5 a.m. on Wednesdays I’m usually pretty tired by day’s end, but I still try to get out for this event. The fellowship with our members is wonderful and you feel like you are doing something to benefit your fellow man. 

Most of us in the Water Valley area are so blessed with having enough to eat, but let’s remember there are a few who are not. Even if your church is not involved in this project, you are still invited to come and help. I’m sure Carroll Crenshaw will be glad to advise you when packing is being done and who needs your help. If you can’t help physically you can always give or pray. To give just send your check to the treasurer, Margie Pilcher. made out to Compassion Ministries. If you can’t find her address call me at 473-1473 and I’ll give it to you. 


Food boxes are distributed on Thursday mornings. Prior to the distribution a worship service is held, with singing and a devotional. I know these are very inspirational and wish I could attend, but Thursday is a work day.



Last week, being the end of the month, we were very busy. Then Thursday afternoon, I had to leave early get some chores done to get ready for the weekend at the church. Left late going to sit with mom at the nursing home in Batesville and I didn’t take our supply of food. I did have banana pudding supplied by Agnes and Robert, which was a life saver. Mom enjoyed it so much—I didn’t get any. Mom was served some  of the worst food I’ve ever seen. Sister Jimmie was busy, so she didn’t  have time to bring food in and brothers Bo and Rance were totally absent. Fed Mom pimento cheese sandwiches, cold soup, and cold mini Ravioli, which she said was good. 

Probably would have been better if it has been heated, but we’ve been barred from the microwave. Also, the  ice machine was broken, but I got smart—found one of my old ice trays and we freeze our own ice. I ate tuna salad, peanut butter and crackers and fruit. 

Mom always gets a good breakfast and she can  survive on that and milk and crackers. She also eats peanut butter and crackers, bananas, and lots of pudding. I plan to do better in the food department this weekend.

  Thought I was headed for  jail early Friday morning and then probably a court appearance. The graveyard shift CNA came in to check on Mom about one. When she entered the door she was coughing so hard she was almost losing her breath. 

I jumped  out of my chair and said, “Don’t come into this room.” 

She didn’t stop. I stayed in front of her and kept yelling, “don’t come in this room.” About four feet from the bed I put up my hands and she realized I meant business, stated that it was her job to take care of Mom  and she was going to do it. Apparently thought better of that and left the room. She’s about four or five inches taller than me and will outweigh me by some 50-plus pounds, so I was sure she was very sick or we’d have had an encounter. 

I didn’t hit or shove her but I would have had she taken another step. I felt sure I’d be reported, but no one ever came to correct me or send me home. Next morning I found out why. Kept hearing her cough for about 30 minutes, and then I heard a car leave, so hoped it was her. Morning report was that she got sick all over the nurses station and even in the hall. One of  my morning CNA’s had to help clean it up. Told her my story and she said, “Oh, I’m so glad you didn’t let her get to Miss Bea, if she’d caught that stuff it might have killed her”. 

That’s what I was thinking, since Mom had only gotten her flu shot a week before, because of antibiotic shots she was receiving. I’m really worried about the residents on our wing in Batesville though, they didn’t have anyone to defend them. Most don’t have night sitters and certainly no guests at 1 a.m.


Got Mom back asleep and then around four we heard a piercing screen, which made my ears hurt and woke up Mom. That takes lots of noise. She sat straight up in bed and ask, “What was that?” Had to tell her that I didn’t have a clue. She then stayed awake until about 6:30, then went back to sleep until breakfast time.


I, on the other hand, was awake the rest of the night. You probably can tell that I got very little sleep all weekend.


Coming home Friday night, there was lots of traffic,  it was pouring rain and I had ground fog—worst drive ever. Would have stay over but needed to be at the church at seven Saturday morning. We had scheduled a clean-up day and I was among those who had pressed for this. We were to start the morning with breakfast and I was cooking biscuits. Man power was slim, since so many of our team was either sick or on the crippled list. Had way to much food, so we all ate too much. I admitted to eating two biscuits with sausage gravy, along with three pieces of hot sausage. Several others said they also over ate. It’s a wonder we got any cleaning done, but the church really looks a lots better and tons of junk went out. I cleaned and straightened the kitchen cabinets and drawers. Found several things that have been missing for a long time. We all enjoyed ourselves.


Then Sunday morning I had another early arrival at church. It was fifth Sunday—Lord’s Supper Day. I had to make the preparations prior to Sunday School, got it done in time for class. Our class periods are much to short, so I missed rehearsal for the choir special—did get in line just in time for the processional. Told you I had a busy week. After the message James Bennett and I counted the money, then I helped clean up the Lord’s Supper equipment.


Got home, ate my sandwich, got carrots and onions ready for cole slaw, heated baked beans, then loaded the van and went back to church for Trunk or Treat.  Got the hot dogs cooked, cole slaw made, and all desserts cut, chips, buns, and other foods on the  buffet—I did have help. We then enjoyed a delightful fellowship supper. After this the children were treated very well—don’t think I’ve ever seen so much candy and other goodies. We had great attendance, even though many were sick and it was a cold night. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. 



Even though the Blue Devils lost to North Panola, 22-0, Friday night, they still go into playoffs as the second team in their division. They will meet South Pontotoc on Bobby Clark Field Friday night. Good Luck, team.

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