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State Tweaks Deer Hunting Regulations

With the opening of regular gun deer season this weekend, I would like to talk a little bit about some of the differences in the regulations this year.  Yalobusha County regulations have changed some this year, in the past we have been classified in the North Zone, now everything west of I-55 is in the Delta zone and everything east of I-55 is in the Northeast zone. 


This means two different sizes on the legal bucks that can be harvested.  The delta region allows three buck deer harvested with a minimum 12-inch inside spread and a 15-inch main beam measurement.  The northeast zone allows a three buck limit with 10-inch inside spread and a 13-inch main beam length.  The legal limit for the harvest of antlerless deer has lowered to two per year.  The law is written this way to protect those young bucks from being harvested. 


One thing is for sure a buck deer will not grow big antlers if he cannot grow to a mature age.  I personally will not harvest a deer unless I can tell he is mature.  One exception to all of these rules is with any hunter under 15 years of age, they can harvest any size buck.

I have been fortunate enough over my years of hunting to have some good opportunities to hunt here in Mississippi and in other states like Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.  Everybody talks about going to the Midwest to hunt giant whitetails and that is true there are some giant whitetails in those states, but if a buck is left alone to grow here in Mississippi they can reach some of the same sizes.  

There are a couple of reasons that you see so many huge bucks being killed in the Midwest, one is they have great food sources including corn, milo, and soybeans and not much wooded acres. A second reason is the buck to doe ration is about one doe to one buck compared to 10 does to 1 buck here.  

A lot of times in Mississippi if you have a good deer on the property you are hunting and the rut begins, he is with does and with such a high population of does he doesn’t have to move much.  I would like to wish all of those that will be out in the woods this weekend good luck and remind you to always think safety first.  

This weekend I saw several Christmas commercials on the TV.  It seems like the Christmas season is getting stretched out more and more every year.  Don’t get me I wrong I love Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas, but a two-month barrage of Christmas shopping advertisements is a little much.  I would like to at least get through the Thanksgiving holiday first before moving into Christmas.  With that I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

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