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Betty’s Week

During the holiday season, everything but work gets put on the back burner. Thankfully, friends do keep up with events going on in the world and are so good to share the important ones. Lucia Holloway called this morning to ask if I  had read my latest Southern Living. 

Answer was, “No, haven’t even had time to unwrap it.” She offered to bring hers down to the office—I’m sure she thought mine was a foot or so deep in a pile of unopened mail. It was, but I found it,


The article she had found was  in a column, “Southerners of the Year, by Hannah Hayes, which included under Mississippi, Sean Anthony, Kagan Coughlin, and Glen Evans, of Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley. The article, which is found on page MS2, reads: “Downstairs in Water Valley’s B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery locals order chicken salad sandwiches and catch up with each other over cups of coffee. Upstairs though, students  huddle over their laptops, deciphering long chains of  HTML. At Base Camp Coding Academy, founded by Glen Evans and B.T.C owner Kagan Coughlin, high school graduates come in with little or no knowledge about writing computer code but leave proficient enough to compete with college grads. With the help of their instructor, Sean Anthony, all students who participated in the inaugural program got jobs at companies like FedEx and C Spire. 

I enjoy my Southern Living Magazine and am so happy to find our little town included in articles in this fine publication. If you’re not a subscriber, you might want to consider getting on their mailing list. Also, congratulations to Glen, Kagan and Sean, for their fine program at the academy.



Had a beautiful morning Wednesday to deliver papers and found everyone looking forward to the holidays. Traffic was light, due to the schools already being on holiday. Our  holiday did  not begin until two in the afternoon, but  before we left we were treated to a fine meal from Hometown Pizza. Greg Segroves brought us delicious chicken alfredo with salad, bread sticks and cheese sticks. It was a delicious meal to break up a busy day. Thanks, Greg.

At home I did a  little cooking, some washing, and then packed to go over and spend a couple of days with Mom at the nursing home in Batesville.


Got up early Thursday  morning and watched Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which I had not been able to watch for a few years, due to being in Mom’s room on Thanksgiving morning and our time is usually pretty busy. Was disappointed in the parade, though. The focus was primarily on entertainers and Broadway shows, not floats or balloons. 

They did feature many  of the bands and they were excellent. One was the West Harrison Band from Gulfport, which didn’t receive the outstanding award, but they were great.


Carolyn and Bo had invited me to share lunch with them; daughter, Misty; her husband, Trey; their little six-year-old son, Briley (he had turned six the day before); and Ginny and Rance. Enjoyed a great meal, and got to catch up on lots of family news. Briley got to tell me about his birthday, which included a train ride on the “The Train to Christmas Town,” which travels from Batesville to the North Pole (Pope). 

Santa Claus shared that Briley had a birthday and they all sang happy birthday to him during the train ride. He’s going to have a formal party this coming Saturday. Thanksgiving interrupted his birthday celebrating, but he’s happy because he’s getting lots of birthday time.


One of our sitters who stays with Mom at the nursing home, who is only a few years younger than I, rode the train Friday night. I made the statement that I was going to have to rent me a grandchild to get to ride the train. She told me that I didn’t  have to have a young companion in order to be admitted for a ride on this wonderful train. Hope I can work a ride into my schedule.—sure sounds like fun.



Got to watch several made for Hallmark movies over the holidays, one of which was The Christmas Train. The train ride, along with all passengers, was featured throughout the movie. I’ve only ridden a train once and am addicted. Jim is trying to work out a schedule for a ride from Jackson to El Paso for me during spring holidays. I’m sure that normal rides are not as exciting as the Christmas movie, but maybe it will be a little bit of fun if I get to go.


Most of the Christmas movies are filled with Christmas Bazaars, snow with all the winter events, and many reuniting with family members and former sweethearts. I hate snow and cold weather, but these cute little stories make me think I’d like to try a winter wonderland Christmas just once.



We have our Christmas parade scheduled for Saturday at one o’clock and it sounds like it’s going to be a good one. Since I now have most Saturdays off, maybe I’ll be able to attend. Woodland Hills will be giving out candy canes on Main Street, beginning at 8 a.m. I won’t be home in time for this and if you’re out and about during this time, stop and take a candy cane, along with the mission moment card attached. Hope we have a beautiful day for the parade and thanks to J. C. Womble, parade chairman, and his crew for all the work they do to make this event happen each year.

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