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Betty’s Week

Was surprised when last Wednesday morning, as I went out to Dunn’s, that the trees still had their beautiful fall leaves. Don’t think Hwy. 32 got the wind and rain we got over on 315 a couple of weeks ago. Meant to tell David to go make a fall foliage picture for the paper, but forgot. I’m sure this week’s weather will strip those trees. We have had a beautiful fall, though, and it has lasted longer than most years. Trees on Eureka and Pope/Water Valley Roads also still had lots of pretty trees left—especially the Bradford Pears. In my yard I found one pear (not a Bradford—have no idea what it is, given to us by the late Adelaid McClarty.) It’s one of the rare ones and is in a sheltered place so it has retained it beautiful leaves.

It’s  hard to believe that Christmas is just a little less than three weeks away. Have my Christmas shopping taken care of. Celeste’s birthday was Monday, so I finally got her a card and a check in the mail—had it ready last week but forgot to mail it. While I was at it, I also picked up a Christmas card, put another check in for both her and Jim, and sent it on its way—don’t want to be  late with two gifts. They have to do their own shopping. I’m lazy. 

Enjoy shopping, but hate to wrap and mail. Sister Jimmie is in charge of purchasing and wrapping Carolyn’s gift—drew her name for the family tree. Then while I was buying cards, I picked up plenty of money cards for the great-nieces and nephews. Shopping all done!


Mom and I had a great time last week. She was very alert and could see much better than usual. She ate well at every meal and especially enjoyed banana pudding supplied by Agnes and Robert. Have banana bread, baked by Anne Burke and delivered by William, which I will share with her this weekend. Anything banana is her favorite. 

Mom can no longer chew nuts and when William brought the bread in I said,  “Mom would eat that whole loaf if it didn’t have nuts.” William then told me it didn’t—isn’t that wonderful? Thanks so much for taking care of us—we do  have so many wonderful friends.



Came home from sitting with mom at the nursing home in Batesville Saturday morning in bright sunlight and  balmy temperature. Got here in time to eat a bite, shower and get to First Baptist Church for the start of the parade. Actually got there a few minutes early and enjoyed visiting with many members of the Hill family, especially long-time friend, Edwin Earl. Nephew Wayland (Ann and Dean’s son) was his chauffeur and passengers  were  Ed’s daughter, Malinda, and Wayland’s wife. Jerry had his family in his antique car, Bennett was in his pickup, Tyler and Toni were chauffeurs for Tyler and his wife’s daughters, who were  Watermelon Carnival royalty. I’m sure the rest of the family that lives locally was there—I  just didn’t have time to find them. 

Also, many members of the Shuffield family participated in the parade. Spoke to Odie and saw Linda—didn’t get that far up the line to speak to her. She was chauffeur for Grand Marshals James and Ethel Morgan. Congratulations, Morgans, the committee made an excellent choice. 


The entire parade was beautiful and well coordinated by Parade Chairman J. C. Womble. He has done an excellent job for 32 years. Our Woodland Hill’s float was beautiful and very timely for the season, but had to tell our construction crew that they had been upstaged this year by TVEPA. Their float, Noah’s Ark, was outstanding—brought back memories of parades from the 50s and 60s where at least 10 businesses and churches spent hundreds of dollars and weeks of time constructing floats that were better than any parade from (actually including) Memphis to Jackson. 

I’ve always enjoyed a parade and usually they were on days or nights that we could get away from the Herald and attend, so we did. We went to Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Batesville, Grenada, Bruce, Calhoun City, Tupelo and, for many years, to the Greenwood parade because our band marched in it. The bands also participated in others—know they were in the Bruce and Grenada parades several times. 



We have a problem on the corner of Wise and Central Streets, if your are turning left off Wise. Usually when I go up or down Central, I either leave North Main at the Baptist Church and continue north or, if I enter from the north, I come off N. Main at North Court, stop at the four-way and head south. Got to thinking, I may never have entered Central from Wise to go north. I often enter Wise from Central to go west from both the south and north. 

If entering from the west, turning north there is a bush that blocks your vision (or at least it did mine) and I was almost  hit by a big white truck. He blew at me and I know it scared him—it certainly did me and I appreciate him being able to slow enough to miss me. I’m one who enjoys beautifully landscaping, but if it is a hazard it needs to come down. It’s not going to be a problem for me again, because I never intend to make that turn again—I’ll either go north or south on Main to a place I can cross safely and then come back to my destination. 

However, the removal of this bush might save someone else.


We have begun okaying greeting ads for the Christmas Greeting Section. If we miss checking with you  and you would like to be included, call either Mel or me at 473-1473 and we’ll get you fixed up. This section will be included in the paper of the 21st, so we need to hear from you soon.

  Heard the weather news this morning and they predict that our wonderful fall weather is about to come to an end and some pretty severe winter weather is on its way—so get our the heavy coats, scarves, hats and gloves.

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