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Bulging Candy Bag Means Parade Was Good

I spent Monday of this week down at Jackson attending the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting.  People often misunderstand what this organization does for their membership. When people think of Farm Bureau they think about Farm Bureau insurance, which is a subsidiary of the Farm Bureau Federation.  

Actually the Farm Bureau Federation is a general farm agency with a purpose to protect the farm way of life and is made up of more than 192,000 member families.  The Farm Bureau Federation is the largest general farm organization in the state, giving it an enormous amount of power when it comes to lobbying for the farm way of life.  This organization works behind the scenes to ensure our farm way of life throughout our state and nation as well.  

The Farm Bureau Federation also has an ad campaign across the state that you may have seen called Farm Families of Mississippi, which showcases the farm way of life across the state.  There have been a couple of Yalobusha county farmers that have been very involved with Farm Families of Mississippi – Coley L Bailey Jr and Daryl Burney both have served on the board for this campaign.  

While out in the county last week I saw several individuals in their yards raking leaves and burning them. I would encourage you to be extra cautious with burning those leaves right now because we are so dry around the county.  I am a proponent of burning off debris in yards and especially as a management tool on property, but make sure to have a plan in place on how to handle your fire.  I could name several people/friends that decided to burn leaf piles or dead grass in their yards and didn’t have a plan on how to handle the fire if it got out of control.  

These are the same individuals who now will not use fire at all to get rid of extra debris, instead they are piling up all that fuel in some ditch bank.  As I mentioned earlier you need to have a plan and that includes calling the forestry service to ask for a permit first. Make sure you have good fire breaks around the proposed burn site and have water available to use to put fire out with. Check the wind forecast and always remember to stay calm and have the fire department on speed dial.  

Last Saturday my wife and boys attended the Water Valley parade and from all indications it was a success.  When I got home late Saturday afternoon I asked Levi, my oldest son how the parade went and he held up about a five gallon bag of candy.  I guess by a six year-old’s measurement standards it was a success.  

I also asked Luke my three year-old wild child what his favorite part of the parade was and he replied in his growling voice “the Grinch.”  

This whole period of time leading up to Christmas is such a special time with parades, work parties, school parties, family parties,  Christmas cantata’s and numerous other events – if you can’t get in the spirit I feel sorry for you.  

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