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Betty’s Week

Enjoyed visiting with folks on Wednesday morning—got to tell many of them who won the mayor’s race. Congratulations to Donald Gray on the victory—know he’ll do a great job. Condolences to Terry Rockette, whom I’m sure would also have done a good job, but only one can win. We live in a democracy and that means the one with the most votes wins and when the contest is over we all support the winner—that’s the U.S. way. Even though I’m not a citizen of Water Valley, you have my support and my prayers, Donald.


  Got back to the office and it was warm even in the back unheated rooms, so I decided to pack up last year’s file copies, clean up and repair the shelves, getting them ready for the 2018 papers we’ll begin to save. This job is manual labor, which tires your body, as well as your mind. Have to make sure that each week’s papers get saved in three piles—five on the shelf, five in the storage bin, and two to the binder for the bound files. 

Before I start I have to pull the five copies from the previous year that are on the shelf. This took all day Wednesday and most of Thursday.


  Usually I go to Larson’s about 2:30 on Thursday and it’s not very crowded for a peaceful shopping experience. Got there about 4:30 Thursday and I was parked in the last parking spot next to Main Street. Inside a gentleman was through with his basket and i took it—only one free. I had not heard the weather news and did not know we had folks shopping in anticipation of the winter weather expected. 

At the time is was in the 60s. I was there because it was my usual time to shop and I needed milk, eggs and bread. Was not in a  hurry though, so I just enjoyed my outing—was so late I had decided to go to see Mom on Friday. 

Always enjoy digging in the bargain bin and Thursday I found some great buys. One I would have paid full price for and would have been glad to get it. Found a long handle basting brush (a really good one) for only 50 cents. It works—I can reach the roaster without having to take the thing out of the oven and not even burn my arm. 

I always wear oven mitts but even they are not long enough to protect your arm when your reach to the back to the oven—and I hate burns. 

Told Jimmie about my prize and she says, “Why didn’t you get me one?” Well there was only one, but I’ll probably give it to her, since she is not smart enough to even wear mitts—always has burns. Also, in the past few years she has done a lot more cooking than I have. I am a good sister. Another find was packages of yeast. I have been intending to buy yeast for several months now, but this is not something that makes its way onto my shopping list. 

Watching the cooking shows as I sat with mom, I’ve seen all sorts of great looking rolls, breads, and pastries with recipes that called for yeast. Now that I have yeast I plan to cook some of these. Thanks Don, for putting yeast in your bargain bin, but again I’d gladly have paid full price if I’d every thought to buy it.
Picked up a  can of yellow potatoes and jalapenos, which I have not eaten, but know they will be delicious, another product that I’d never noticed on the shelves. Also in the bin were several boxes of blue velvet cake mix, several cans of yellow vanilla icing with sprinkles, which I should have bought. 

When he was little Jim always wanted a blue cake for  his birthday—and we made them—only giving him blue icing. Almost bought one just to send to him. After I got home I thought that Caroline would have loved to have made that cake. 

Told Jimmie about it and she says, “Yes, we could have had a great mess with that project.”

Think she was glad that I did not go back for it—would have but remembered how long those lines were and it was also raining very hard by this time.

  After a fun time in the bargain bin, I filled my grocery list, only taking a few minutes, but getting through the checkout was another story. They  had every register running and everyone sacking—Don sacked my groceries. I took them to the van. 

  I needed my milk, bread and eggs though, because I didn’t get off the hill until Sunday night. Friday morning I had planned to go back to work. Even put biscuits in the oven and had sausage on the stove, planing to take Mel and David breakfast. Went out to crank the car to let it warm up and found it sleeting, so knew that I did not want to go down my hill. Stayed in all day Friday and Saturday, keeping busy with dust removal, washing and drying clothes, washing dishes and cleaning out fridges, and of course cooking. It’s not good for me to stay home—I am always thinking up good things to cook and I also enjoy eating them. Probably gained a few pounds over the weekend.

Good food had started with Anne Burke’s delicious meal Thursday noon. We enjoyed cranberry beans (which were new to me, but very delicious) rice and sausage, with cornbread. Thanks Anne, and thanks to her husband, David, for the delivery.


Called Jimmie Sunday morning to see what she thought about me taking the van down the hill. Knew I had ice at the top of the hill and was sure I had even more near the bottom. She had hit an icy spot coming home from work on Friday night, her car slid and was in the path of a truck, which thankfully was able to miss her. She says, stay home, watch a sermon on TV and be safe—you definitely don’t want to put that van on ice. 

So I watched the Methodist Hour and a couple of sermons by Charles Stanley. Appreciate my church family being concerned about me and calling to make sure I was okay. By time of evening services at Woodland Hill the sun had melted all the ice off the carport and on the driveway as far as I could see. Walked down to where I could see the bottom of the driveway and it looked dry, also, so I put on shoes and my heavy coat and went to Discipleship Training and evening worship. Was great to have people to talk to, to sing, and to hear Bro. Lynn deliver an inspiring  message from God.


  Heard the weather prediction for more winter precipitation tonight (Monday), so I came to work early and am trying to get everything I can do done today, just in case I can’t get off the hill tomorrow.

  Hope everyone stays safe, warm and has a good week.

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