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Winter Livestock Shows Are Underway

It is amazing to me that after the last two weeks of frozen temperatures and snow covered ground, on Monday the henbit and annual blue grass was popping up everywhere.  It certainly will not be long before the jonquils are popping up and the lawn mowers are fired up.  Our office was closed a couple of days because of the snow last week but that didn’t stop me from getting out in the community and checking on things.  

I saw several cars that had slipped off of the road, cattle farmers feeding cows, cows that were out looking for feed and a lot of birds looking for food.  I was also able to get out with Levi, my six  year-old, and do a little sledding for a few minutes, but it sure was cold.

I have had several people call me concerning weeds popping up in flower beds already.  The majority of what I am seeing is henbit, wild garlic and a few other winter weeds.  The cheapest way to deal with these weeds is to just pull them up but this is certainly not the easiest way to deal with them.  I normally carefully spray a little roundup around in my flower beds and also use a pre-emergence herbicide like dimension or snapshot.  Just remember two things if you choose the roundup way it will not work as fast in cold weather and it will kill whatever it touches.  

The winter livestock shows started this past weekend with the Northwest District show being held in Batesville on Friday and Saturday.  Dalton Burney, son of Daryl and Missy Burney, showed two pigs at the show on Friday.  Dalton won his age group in showmanship and placed with both of his pigs in the breed classes.

Lillie Beth Blissard, daughter of Jody and Jada Blissard, showed her three calves on Saturday.  Lillie Beth has two heifer calves and one bull calf that she shows.  Lillie Beth placed with all three of her calves.  

The Coffeeville Saddle Club will host a Speed Show on Saturday, January 27, at the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville.  The practice rounds will begin at noon and the actual show will begin at 2 p.m.  The Yalobusha County 4-H horse club will provide a concession stand for this event.    

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