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Recovery Was Slow Following The Great North Mississippi Freeze Out Snow Week

Now that the Great North Mississippi Freeze Out Snow Week of A Lifetime has passed us and I have been able to step back and process what happened, I can say that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, I am thankful for it. Even though a pipe burst at my house and flooded my kitchen and laundry pile and then the next day a pipe burst at my store flooding half of my block and then the very next day after that my washing machine flooded my kitchen and my still-wet-from-the-pipe-bursting-earlier laundry pile again (this was unrelated to the temperature but I blame it on the weather anyway because why not) it was all okay. Why? Because the kids loved it.

I was sitting at a table with 12  people of varying ages at El Charrito during the peak hours of buffet night that Thursday of Freeze Week when every adult’s phone in the place simultaneously began ringing. It was the dreaded robocall. There was a second or two of total silence. 

Everyone at my table suddenly stopped talking, staring at each other wide-eyed. Kids were motionless except for their darting eyes, which bounced between their parents and the phone. “Answer it!” their eyes silently screamed. “Answer it!”

Adults began to sweat, fork fulls of fajitas hung frozen in front of open mouths, mid-bite. Queso began to get cold. The phones rang again. Then a single adult voice, meek and distant, slowly said,”Hello?” 


Then,”….No. Please, God, no.” 

The restaurant erupted. The audible collective moan from the adults that rumbled like low thunder throughout the Valley was completely overpowered by the raucous celebration from the towns’ children. You might as well have thrown a ticker tape and tortilla chip parade in front of the buffet. I expected a Mariachi band to suddenly appear and for a winter fiesta to break out.

So, what I’m saying is, the kid’s had a great week. Mine played on Main Street the entire time while I sewed at my store and they bounced from Turnage to BTC, to Yalorun Textiles, to Trusty’s, to the arcade and back in a never ending loop of money-spending. Those kids are expensive! They nickel and dimed me to death. 

Like, literally asking for nickels and dimes for tokens and cookies and Cokes and so forth. Caspian Coughlin and Graham Tatum of Wagner and Panola Streets started a snowball business on the bench outside Hair Trendz. They were selling pre-made snowballs on the honor system. Take a snowball and leave 15 cents in the jar. I know a person who left a dollar in the jar but someone who wasn’t a kid took it. Lord, what is wrong with people? I hope they got snowballed.

I had barely recovered from the trauma of Freeze Out Week when yet more horrible news hit me. The Pig, y’all. THE PIG IS CLOSING. How much is a person supposed to be able to handle, ya know?

Now I realize it is just turning into a new and, from what I hear, better grocery store run by the same good people but how am I to go on if I can no longer say “The Pig?” CashSaver is a fine name, I guess (ahem), but it just doesn’t have the ring to it that “Piggly Wiggly” does. I refuse to call it CashSaver. I’m going to call it PigSaver. I’m just not ready to let go.

 For old time’s sake, let’s a take a walk down Pig memory lane. Remember when they had ash trays at the end of the aisles? Remember when the light up L’s were out for so long and the sign said “Piggy Wiggy?” Remember when they got avocados and it was like Hallelujah? Remember when there was that very long time period when they kept having to put hand written “No Pets Allowed” signs on the door but the signs were phrased so kindly and apologetically.

Anyway, I’ll miss you, Pig, and your cute little pig face. But onward we must go and I am looking forward to what PigSaver has to bring.

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