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Betty’s Week

Each morning I get up a bit early to catch the highlights of the previous day’s Olympic events. Even though our team has not won the gold medals that other countries have, we have presented some fabulous programs. In snowboard competition, women’s hockey, speed skating, figure skating, and half-pipe competition (and probably other categories) the U.S. has looked good. 

Monday morning the women’s hockey team was only one win away from gold. I’ve never been a hockey fan, but it’s beginning to grow on me.


Have not seen any of the live performances at night. I’ve been cooking, cleaning and sleeping. We finally got in our family holiday visit on Saturday. Brother Terry, and his daughters, Nita and Lisa, came up from Brandon. Carolyn and Bo, Ginny and Rance, and I, also gathered at Jimmie’s and Bill’s. Also  present was the only great-grand present, Caroline (Jimmie’s and Bill’s granddaughter) from Amory. All the other grand and great-grands were involved in sports activities, even though the weather was terrible.


Caroline called  me to tell me she had my phone and was taking care it for me. It was dead when I was in mom’s room on Thursday (the 8th) and she found it on Friday. I never use it, so had not missed it. Carolyn reported that she got a text from me and thought it strange because I do not know how to text. Reading the message she knew that something was not right.  Said that it sounded more like a message from her grandson, Briley, who is six.

After Caroline took care of the phone, Jimmie told me she hoped I can afford the bill this month. I reminded her that I was covered—she and Jim decided when I got this new phone that I needed unlimited everything. 

Now the phone company may think something is wrong, since I’ve had this phone almost three years and have probably called out a dozen times and received about that many incoming calls.

Saturday I cooked and that was fun (I like to cook), but loading the van was terrible—it was raining cats and dogs. Bo  helped me unload but he got smart—made me pull the van under the carport. Told Terry if I had not been the cook for the day, I probably would not have come to see him. Crossing the Pope/Water Valley Road I ran through about three downpours. Rain was coming down so hard that my windshield wipers would not keep the water off and I had put on new wiper blades recently and I have five-speed wipers. 

It was like pouring water out of a bucket. Also this road has two river, so you try to drive either in the middle of the road and the crown, or on the crown and to the side. Driving in the middle you have to cross the rivers if meeting another vehicle. Thankfully my van does not hydroplane easily. Made it fine, but I was tired when I arrived—took about half again as long to drive from my house to  Pope and you are also very tense driving in conditions such as they were Saturday.


Terry said they also had to drive through lots of heavy rain and he admitted that had he known how bad it was before leaving home, they might not have come. We were all glad we got together, though, as we had a wonderful day of visiting and eating. He, Nita and Lisa also went on up to the nursing home to visit with Mom and I know that they were glad to get to see her, as she was them. She is doing fine, after her short bout with a respiratory infection. Thanks to all of you who ask about her and keep her on your prayer list.


Cooked some new recipes and they turned out pretty good. Made a pecan pie (this is usually cooked by Bo or Rance). I’m not fond of this pie, but the new recipe sounded pretty good and it was. I tasted it and would have eaten it, had not my favorite pie been on the menu. It was there because I had promised Mom a lemon ice box pie last week and I always try to keep my promises. Made two so we could all have a slice. Also made a fudge pie (new recipe) and it was okay, especially if you put vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on it. We had to use Hershey’s out of the bottle because I forgot to take the pan of homemade I’d cooked up. Also had brownies that needed ice cream and chocolate syrup. I usually make great brownies, but I was trying to do to many things at once and overcooked these—they really needed the ice cream. 

Mel and I had discussed a millionaire pie, which we all made on a regular basis years ago. Found my old recipe and made one for her and one for the family. I don’t remember the men liking this pie but they ate it Saturday and seemed to really enjoy it. The requested dessert of the day was banana pudding and I made a big one. It’s one of my no-fail dishes. 


I had ordered barbecue from Dunn’s and it was delicious.. Had a quart of Jim’s sauce left from the last time he made it at the house to go with it. I made the baked beans and Jimmie made potato salad and coleslaw. 


Our attendance is still down in Sunday School, discipleship training and worship services at Woodland Hills. I’m sure that the flu bug is still taking its toll on members, along with other illnesses and surgeries. Weather conditions have not helped either, even though the sunshine Sunday morning was refreshing. Clouds rolled back in Sunday afternoon and they are lingering today and the prediction is that rain will hang around for the most of the week—being heavy some of the time. 


Monday was President’s Day but it doesn’t look like many folks celebrated. Next day we’ll take will be Good Friday and Fridays are my day off. Oh well, if I have to work it will keep me out of trouble.


Not much going on this week, so hope everyone gets well and has a good week.

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