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Betty’s Week

Wednesday morning I rushed to get papers delivered before the rain set in—made it by a few minutes. Actually had to walk to B.T.C. in a sprinkle. Everyone was interested in the outcome of the alderman-at-large election held on Tuesday. 

Our print schedule is so early that we did not get the results into the paper, but I had the results David left on his desk. Made copies of this and delivered it along with the papers. 

At Dunn’s there was a good crowd out for breakfast, even though the prediction was for some  heavy rain. Guess those fellows must have been hungry for food and probably also for fellowship—they do seem to have a good time. I also enjoy visiting with them, when time permits. Wednesday, I just waved and then rushed on to my next stop, hoping to get back to the office in the dry.


We had very little traffic in the office on Wednesday, but the phone lines were burning up – some wanting election results and many others mad because they had not yet received their last week’s paper. The latter calls were from Hernando, Senatobia, Coldwater, Como, Sardis, Batesville, Pope, Courtland, and even Oakland, Scobey and Tillatoba. 

We do not know what is happening to these papers, but David and Mel are trying to locate the problem. We are sure that it is in the postal routing system, because they are in the Water Valley Post Office at the correct time each week. Bear with us and maybe we’ll get it straightened out. We are sorry about the delay.



Thursday, again traffic in the office was slow. I set what type was available, took care of the few jobs needing my attention, and then read a good book. This was an old Reader’s Digest condensed book, which only included two books. We have hundreds of these volumes and all have four, five or six books in condensed form. I just pulled the little book on Tuesday night when the cable went off, thinking it would be small enough that I’d eventually get it finished. 

Picked the book that sounded most interesting, and it was, so I read well into the night knowing I had to get up at four Wednesday morning. Took it with me Wednesday, but as before mentioned, the phone kept me busy. On Thursday, however, I finished the first volume in short order.  Decided to read the second book, even though the synopsis did not peak my interest, but I had nothing better to read. Was glad for that decision—second book was even better than the first. Espionage during the Second World War is very intriguing, as was the love tangle.

Both were Second World War vintage. The first was post war and involved a general and a WAC Commander. She was a nurse and not many of them attained the rank of Commander. Started out as a battle of the sexes and the ranks, but ended on a happy note. Can’t tell you the name of either book—brain never did remember titles of books or songs. Even if I could you probably could not find either in print and it would be doubtful that you’d find the Reader’s Digest Book. If you’re interested in reading them I’ll lend you my copy if you promise to return it.



Friday I visited with Mom and found her in good health, but  not in good spirits. She was anti-everything. Didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to go to the bathroom, didn’t want a shower—just nothing pleased her. I fed her lunch and she took two bites and said I don’t want anymore. I encouraged her to eat by telling her that if she didn’t eat she get sick and that if she did I was not going to the hospital with her—she’d be all alone. 

You know that is not true, but I tell lies if it accomplishes my purpose and that is to get food in her stomach. Then she says, “I don’t want to eat, I want to go home.” 

I found a wide open door and I walked in. “Mom”, I say, “If you don’t eat your food and get strong you’re never going to be able to go home.” 

It worked, she started eating and ate most of her lunch and even said, “that was good, thank you for feeding me.”  After that she was a bit  more cheerful. I do wish it were possible for us to take her home.


Coming on home late Friday afternoon there was little traffic on Eureka Road, so I drove slowly and just enjoyed all the beauty. There are some of the most beautiful plum trees on this strip of road, also many peach, apple, tulip and hawthorne trees along with shrubs in full bloom. Also saw waves of daffodils and forsythia, which just turn the country side into a field of gold. With the predicted cold spell coming in this weekend, I probably will not get to see this area in all its glory again, until maybe next year—even then we would have to get the perfect weather we’ve had this year.


Got home, ate my meal of the day, then read for a few hours and went to sleep. At 12:15 I was awakened by a telephone ringing. It was not the ring of my land line or my cell. Heard three rings first and thought maybe I’d just dreamed it, because I had come out of a sound sleep. 

Then it rang again, twice this time and it sounded as if it came from the front of the house. I didn’t panic, but was a little apprehensive. After a couple of minutes, even though I did not hear a sound, I decided I to get up and investigate.  

I Remembered that niece, Caroline, had had charge of my phone for about 10 days a few weeks ago. So I dialed my cell number, using the land line. Didn’t ring.Then I noticed that I’d dialed a wrong number. My apology to whomever I woke up in the middle of the night. Tried again, using the correct number and sure enough my phone, which was in my purse, rang with an unfamiliar tone. I know everyone who stays on their cells constantly, thinks that it was crazy that I had not heard my phone before now. My cell probably does not ring once every two or three months, and my land line isn’t used much more. I do answer often the office phone, and call out on it occasionally.


Enjoyed the sunshine all day Friday and Saturday, and Sunday morning. It does make you feel so good. I was energized, so I went upstairs Saturday morning and began to clean up thousands (seemed like millions) of faux lady bugs.  Seriously, I got a pretty large trash can about half full. Then I used the dust mop on the floor and a dust rag, with orange glow, on the furniture. Looked so good. However, on Sunday afternoon I took a load of Christmas stuff up to the attic (door to the attic opens from the upstairs bedroom) and was upset, because there was about half as many lady bugs back on the floor as I had cleaned up on Friday.


Thought maybe I’d stopped up their entrance by Duct taping up the outside door, which did not fit well. Those critters must have more entrances.



Sunday morning Bro. Lynn announced the arrival of Day Light Savings Time coming up Saturday night (actually Sunday morning, March 11, at 2 a.m). He said not to try to use the time change as an excuse for being late to Sunday School. Get up early, you may see a beautiful sunrise, and you’ll certainly enjoy SS and worship service at Woodland Hills, or the church of your choice. We do miss all our members when they are absent, and I know all other churches do also. Know some of you are ill and cannot attend—we do miss you, also. Just remember, you’ll get that lost hour of sleep back come fall.

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