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Senate Bill 2296 Allows Pharmacies To Synchronize Prescriptions

Every once in a while, the Mississippi Legislature comes together to pass a bill that will make life easier for regular Mississippians. Such is the case with Senate Bill 2296.  Many of us of a certain age rely on multiple prescriptions to manage our various ailments or conditions. What has been a part of our regular healthcare regimen are multiple trips to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions that come due at various times during the month.  

I voted for and strongly supported SB2296 to allow pharmacies to synchronize prescriptions. That means we will be able to go to the pharmacy once a month and get all prescriptions filled simultaneously. The bill sailed through the Senate and overwhelmingly passed in the House by a vote of 118-1. We are anticipating that the bill will be signed by the Governor this week. It will go into effect January 1, 2019.

In other issues before the House, we approved several bills from the Senate.

“Katie’s Law” would be enacted with the passage of Senate Bill 2568, which provides that DNA samples may be destroyed by the Mississippi Forensics Lab only under certain conditions. We feel that it is important to preserve this type of evidence as long and as well as possible. We know that the innocent as well as the guilty can be affected by the examination of evidence sometimes decades old.

We passed Senate Bill 2459 in an effort to expand reemployment protections for military servicemen and veterans. This bill ensures that a service member or veteran will be restored to his or her previous position after returning from training with the Armed Forces in another state. 

We hope to encourage reporting of bad practices with the passage of Senate Bill 2527, which provides that no civil liability could be imposed against a person or entity for providing information about insurance fraud to any law enforcement, insurer or statutory residual market plan.


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