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Betty’s Week

 First my apologizes to the Yalobusha Patriots and to the veterans I inconvenienced by printing the wrong date for the birthday celebration for the American Legion in last week’s paper. The All-American Hot Dog buffet and fellowship was actually held on Friday, March 16, and  not Thursday, March 15, as announced. 

I regret this error and hope all veterans got to the American Legion Hut for this fun event.



Next over the past couple of months I’ve received many letters, a few that I will share. We do appreciate the many notes we receive complimenting us on the paper. We especially thank each one who has written, or come by, to tell us how much they are enjoying the memories shared by Baxter Jones about his young life. His stories continue this week in a series that will span several months.


First letter is from Ada Morgan of Schertz, Texas, wife of the late D.C. Morgan. D.C. is a son of the late Christine and Clinton Morgan, whose siblings are the late Sammy Morgan and the late Maxine Beard. Each year on his vacation (usually Watermelon weekend) D.C. stops by to give me a hug and catch me up on the year’s events in his family. 


In the early years D.C.’s traveling buddy was the late Bobby Mathis, son of Mrs. Etta Mathis, sibling of Judy Mathis Bush, the late Kenneth Mathis and Judy Mathis Bush. Ada and D.C. had two sons with a lifelong, debilitating disease. Until their deaths Ada stayed home with the sons and let D.C. come home for a visit. I didn’t get to know her personally until a few years before D.C.’s death, after both boys had passed—they both outlived the life expectancy for this illness because of the wonderful care from their parents. 

Ada wrote to remind me of another medical miracle in this family. I know that I heard about this medical miracle in Ada’s letter when it happened, but it had slipped my mind. I’m so glad that Ada wrote to remind me and I know that the  Rollins and Black families will be encouraged by it.

“Dear Betty


“I just finished reading your column where you mentioned the live donor liver transplant of Margaret Rollins and her daughter. I am so glad that they are doing well.


 “Thought maybe you would like an update on the first live donor liver transplant in the United States. The donor was Teri Morgan Smith and her daughter, Alyssa, who was 22 months old. 

The transplant was done at Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Teri is the daughter of the late D.C. Morgan, formerly of Water Valley, and granddaughter of the late Clinton and Christine Morgan. Teri was 28 years old and they are both in perfect health today. Alyssa is  married now and has a beautiful year-old daughter. It was truly a miracle both then and now.


I enjoy your column very much.”


Second letter is from Jo Bratton, who stated that a friend passed this article to her nearly a year ago. 

The story is about Wallace Crumby and  his twin brother, Hollis, who joined the Army Air Force so they could serve together. They flew 35 missions together in the European Theater and then returned to the United States to train B-29 crews. Wallace said, “Every step I took Hollis was right by my side.”


In the article a photo showed Wallace holding a model of a B-24, which reminded  him of the plane he served on during World War II. The twins were 17 year-old Water Valley High School seniors when they joined the Air Force in 1941 after the Japanese forces bombed Pearl Harbor. Wallace stated that the reason he was telling his story was to keep the memory of World War II alive.


I have the newspaper clipping sent to us by Mrs. Bratton on my desk and if anyone would like to read it you are welcome to come by and do so. Thanks for sharing, Jo.  We do appreciate you thinking of us. Don’t fail to send us anything pertaining to the Valley because we might not have seen it.


Next note is from long-time subscribers, Miss Helen Coleman, of Los Angeles, Calif.


Her note says that she looks forward to receiving the Herald each week and that she is really interested in hearing more about the Second Chance Animal Alliance. She states she thinks that it is really wonderful what they are doing.


Miss Coleman, they are a great organization and we also appreciate the fine work they are doing. We thank you for telling them of your support.

  From Charles Liles of Olive Branch, another long-time subscriber, comes this note.


“I hope to come to Water Valley in 2018 and to meet you and others, to eat at one of the good eating places, and to visit Rip It Up. Thank  you for a good read each week. When you see Mickey Howley, tell him that I am a real reader of the North Mississippi Herald and I do read Betty’s Week first.”


Charles also included a cute, clean joke for me to share. I shared it with my pastor and he thought it  funny so I’ll share it with all you other preachers.


A church secretary answered the phone and heard the caller say, “I want to talk to the Chief Hog of the trough.” 

“Sir,” she replied, “That is no way to talk about the reverend. He is the pastor of this church.” 

“Sorry lady,” the caller said, “I just wanted to donate $100,000 to the church.”

Quickly she the secretary answered “Just a minute. Here comes the big, fat pig now.”


Thanks for writing Charles, and for the joke.



Talked to Jim several times last week and Celeste and he are doing fine. They were looking forward to spring break this week. Jim sent along a number of cute church puns, which I’ll share from time to time as space permits.


Also have a cute article from friend, Dr. T. J. Ray. He dropped in for a short visit last week and it was so good to see him and catch up on his life and to catch up on his son, Mark, and family. T.J. has been down to visit the Ag Museum in Jackson and it was good to hear a report of what was going on there, even if some of it was not good. Do hope some day that we’ll all be able to go back and help in the print shop there—we do have lots of fun when we all get together. 



Finally got a few days of sunshine last week and Tom Anderson got a roof on my sunroom Thursday and Friday morning. Am so glad not to have water pouring in and leaking out. So far there has been no leak. Tom is a great roofer—he’s called several times to make sure that there are no leaks and I do appreciate his diligence in making sure that he’s done a good job.



Mel had health problems several days last week, but David and I managed to get the job done. She came back to work Thursday and Friday, but really should have been home in bed. She seems to be better today (Monday).


I worked to do what I could at the office and also to be near in case I was needed for questions about the roof.


Did talk to Jimmie for a report on the family and she said that everyone is doing fine, including Mom. Bo is getting ready to have a shoulder replacement, so we’ll have to adjust our sitting times with Mom to give him time to recover. I’m sure we’ll have no problems doing this, but we do covet your  prayers for him and also continued prayers for Mom.



For many of you who may not have heard Shelley Izzard’s (wife of Bro. Ken) mother, Mrs. Sue Ellenburg of Arkansas died recently. Bro. Ken was pastor of Woodland Hills for eight years, and he assisted with many projects in the area. The Izzards were well known and loved by folks all over the area. Keep this family in your prayers. 



Low point in my week was the announced retirement and resignation as pastor of Woodland Hills by Bro. Lynn Jones on Sunday. I know that this is God’s will for his life, and I certainly support his doing what God has called him to do, but doesn’t mean that I’m not going to miss him and Danielle so much. However, I’m so thankful that God let us enjoy his preaching and teaching, and Danielle’s musical talent for five years. Their last day with us will be Easter Sunday. 

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