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Mississippi Arts Commission Is Throwing Big To-Do At YaloRun Textiles On May 18

I’m writing this column right now at 6:24 in the morning from my hotel room in New Orleans. The sound of the gurgling fountain lightly echoing through the palm-shaded courtyard outside my door is rivaled in its New Orleans-ness only by the thundering hack of some man who, I’m guessing, is in the painful throws of revisiting those last couple of 40 ounce Swampwater frozen daiquiris. I wish he would just get it over with already. There have been children born in a quicker and quieter amount of time. 

I had to come down to New Orleans for an arts event and spent two days doing absolutely nothing except eating and drinking and walking and talking. I figure the latter two burned off the calories of the first two. I’m sure I figured wrong but I’m just going to go with it because what else can you tell yourself when you have pork cheeks and rabbit dumplings and chicken livers and chocolate cake and two bottles of red wine for supper? 

And then get up the next morning to continue with biscuits and poached eggs and grits and etouffee and Bloody Marys? There’s no way to justify that except lying to yourself that it all evens out in the end.

I did do a good bit of walking though. At one point my friends and I walked down to the river. We were serenaded by an excitable man performing karaoke for a boom box. He was singing The Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” with the self confidence and gusto that one only feels while singing alone in the shower and you are absolutely sure there is zero chance in the world that anyone will walk into or even drive by your house. 

This man was certainly not sober and hadn’t been for what looked like the better part of a decade and I had never heard a less competent rendition of any song ever in my life, but man, that guy just stands there all day belting classic rock across the Mississippi River while the barges and ferries roll by and the occasional mystified tourist drops a dollar in his upside-down hat on the concrete. I gotta give him credit for making more money than I did that day.

I also went to the New Orleans aquarium. I love fish and think they are very funny. Those too-low eyeballs sans eyelids make them look perpetually frightened and having an entire multi-million dollar water zoo devoted to that facial expression is entertaining. What is not funny is the Amazonian freshwater fish display.

No, thank you. There is no reason for freshwater fish to get that big and all I could imagine was one brushing against my leg and freaking me out. And then swallowing me whole. But I did get to see a piranha going to town on a water plant. It would have been more of an effective piranha-esque display if it had been chomping down on, say, someone’s severed hand but it was still cool to see that plant lose a leaf.

The man in the courtyard has now finished with his health situation just as I reach my column word limit and I’m happy to say, he and I both endured. 

Lastly, speaking of arts events, the Mississippi Arts Commission is throwing a big to-do at my store YaloRun Textiles at 211 Main Street on May 18. It’s from 6 to 9 p.m. and tickets are $15. This gets you all the barbecue and wine you want and there will also be live music. This is a fundraiser for the Mississippi Arts Commission and I hope you all can attend!

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