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Flippin’ Chicken Fundraiser Is Saturday

The temperature at my house was 33 on Monday morning with a heavy layer of frost on the windshields and everything else for that matter.  I really thought that our last frost would be last weekend, but I am just thankful that I was lazy and had not planted tomatoes outside yet.  Several reports have come in of people having plants killed because of the cold.  The Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass in the lawns around the county wants to green up but with the killing frost over the last couple of weeks it is having a hard time.  

The 4-H Shooting Sports group will have their Flippin’ Chicken fundraiser this Saturday April 21.  The group members are selling tickets for $10, which buys a chicken half, two sides and a canned drink.  The plates can be picked up at the Multipurpose building in Coffeeville Staring at noon.  The money raised at this event will support the national shooters who will be travelling to Nebraska in June.  

The second class of the Home gardening class will meet on April 23 at 6 p.m. at the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville.  The topic for this meeting will be Best Management practices. It will be a very informative meeting so makes plans to attend by calling the Extension office at 662-675-2730 and reserving your spot.

Dr. Blake Layton is the State Extension Entomologist and provided this article on Carolina Paper Wasps.

Carolina paper wasps are large wasps with burnt-orange colored bodies and black wings.  Actually there are two species that look very similar, Polistes carolina and P. rubiginosus (formarly P. perplexus).  These wasps build paper nests similar to other paper wasps, but prefer to build in protected areas where the nest is hidden from view.  While other species of paper wasps may build their nests underneath the eaves/soffit of buildings, Carolina paper wasps prefer to build inside the eaves, or inside similar building voids.  Of course, they can only do this if they can gain access to the void through some type of crack or opening.  The nest may be located well back in the void, several feet away from the opening.

Because their nests are usually in such protected locations, one might think these wasps would be less defensive than other species, but this is definitely not the case.  Several guards are usually stationed around the access opening and they are quick to attack anything they perceive to be a threat.  As a result, this is one of the most problematic wasps around older buildings or buildings that have cracks or openings to suitable nest sites.  They will often attack and sting people who are mowing, working or playing around the area, or just walking by.

The fact that the nest is located inside a void where it is protected, and usually not visible, makes Carolina paper wasps more difficult to control than other paper wasps.  You can’t just walk up with a can of wasp spray, spray the nest and be done.

One option is to hire a professional pest control company to deal with the problem.  For people who are especially sensitive/hypersensitive to wasp stings, this is the only wise option.  

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