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Keep A Watch For Slow Moving Ag Equipment
This week on Monday I had to make a trip to the Mississippi State campus to deliver some paperwork and also try to talk with my graduate school advisor.  The advisor happened to not be there that day so I decided to grab a bite to eat at one of my favorite places that I never get to go to anymore since I left campus some 14 years ago.  The half chicken platter tasted the same as it did years ago.  I decided to write my article this week while eating the platter so now my keys have chicken grease on them, oh well. 

On Saturday, May 5, the 4-H Shooting Sports Northwest region competition will be held at the Tallahatchie fairgrounds.  The event will start around 8 a.m. and continue until all 500 or so kids have shot.  Yalobusha County will be represented by 26 kids shooting a total of 38 disciplines.  If you don’t have anything planned come on down to the fairgrounds in Charleston and watch our kids shoot, admission is free and there will be a concession stand provided by the Tallahatchie 4-H club.  

The weather forecast is calling for a pretty, spring-like weather through Thursday with rain chances starting back on Friday and Saturday.  We all know that with the fields drying out and soil temps warming up, all of the local farmers will be rolling wide open around the county.  Please watch for the tractors and other equipment in the road and slow down when driving around them.  

I know at times we all get in a hurry but it is always better to be a little late than not get where you are going at all.  

I certainly hope that now I can safely tell you that it is ok to plant your gardens without the chance of a killing frost.  The main thing to remember when planting your gardens and worrying about planting to late is that everyone is in the same boat unless you have a high tunnel or greenhouse.  While I am on the subject of gardening I will have the third session of the home gardening class that I have been teaching at the multipurpose building on Thursday May 3.  

Sevin Isn’t Sevin Anymore 

(at least not always)

Horticulture Tips By Blake Layton, Extension Entomology Specialist

For decades Sevin (carbaryl) was one of the main insecticides used in home vegetable gardens.  Malathion was the other, and your parents and grandparents may have grown vegetables for years using only these two insecticides.  In recent years pyrethroid insecticides such as permethrin (E.g. Hi-Yield Lawn, Garden, Pet and Livestock Insect Control) and bifenthrin (E.g. Ortho Bug-B-Gone Insect Killer) have been labeled for home vegetable gardens, and these are generally more effective on most garden insects and have generally shorter preharvest intervals.  Still many home vegetable gardeners continue to rely on Sevin and Malathion, because that’s what they have always used, and it has always worked pretty well.

However this year GardenTech is introducing several “Sevin” products that contain zeta-cypermethrin rather than carbaryl.  These include GardenTech Sevin Insect Killer Concentrate (0.35% zeta-cypermethrin), GardenTech Sevin Insect Killer Ready to Use (in a trigger spray bottle), and GardenTech Insect Killer Ready to Spray (in a hose-end applicator).  This is going to be confusing because there are still many Sevin products, including GardenTech Sevin-5 Ready-To-Use Dust and GardenTech Sevin Lawn Insect Granules, as well as Sevin products from other companies, that contain carbaryl as the active ingredient.

Despite the confusion, it is great that home vegetable gardeners now have access to a formulation of zeta-cypermethrin for insect control.  This pyrethroid insecticide is not really more effective than permethrin or bifenthrin, but it has a shorter array of preharvest intervals on the crops that really matter.  In fact, this new formulation of Sevin has a 1 day PHI on all fruiting vegetables–including okra, cucurbits, brassica, leafy vegetables—including lettuce, succulent beans and peas, and root and tuber vegetables.  So this is a product that will control most insect pests in the home vegetable garden and can be used on most crops in the garden with a 1 day PHI.  Like other pyrethroids, zeta-cypermethrin is not effective on pests such as spider mites, whiteflies and aphids, and, there are some crops, like corn, peanuts, and sunflowers, with longer PHIs, but these are usually crops on which the longer PHIs are not usually an issue—because one can usually stop spraying these crops for insects well before time to harvest.  Overall, this is a really useful new product for home vegetable gardeners.

Be sure to tell your home vegetable gardeners about Sevin, a great new insecticide for home vegetable gardens!  But don’t be surprised if some gardeners still stick with carbaryl and malathion.

Mustang Maxx (9.15% zeta-cypermethrin) is the equivalent product formulation for your commercial vegetable growers.  For around $150 per gallon (and it is not sold in quarts) they can keep a broad spectrum, pyrethroid in their chemical shed that can be used on most vegetable crops with a 1 day PHI.  This is a really useful tool for folks growing tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, peas, and other summer vegetable crops.

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