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There Has Been A Steady Comeback For 200 Block Of North Main Street

This month’s issue of foodie magazine “eat.  drink. Mississippi” has a four-page feature on the Trusty Diner at 205 North Main Street. Often in food magazines you wonder if the images are really that good looking or the place is that clean and neat. In this case, the answer is yes, as I was there when writer and photographer Megan Wolfe was doing her work. 

Luckily my unkempt appearance, images of my less than fussy eating habits, and overall state of visually not being a pretty person were left out of the magazine. Seeing me as clientele is not upselling, nor appetizing.

At one point the building at 205 N Main was a law office. Built in the 1950s, it was the last building built on that block, for years prior the land was not really land, it was a low depression that was a meander arm of Town Creek. That occasional waterway ran diagonally across the block from the back and then crossed under Main Street. 

Back then downtown property was valuable and so when the low area was covered with culverts, the space over was built upon and 205 N. Main is one of two buildings like that. The other one, where Main Street has the hump and built over the once meander, is HomeTown Pizza.

 In an extensive interior renovation early last year at 205 N. Main, with James Ledford contracting, owners Erika Walden and Lawton Gafford re-imagined the space true to the building’s mid-century roots. Not as a Perry Mason era law office, but as a 1950s Main Street diner. The building itself is a true Mid-Century Modern building, purpose built with a classic simplicity. If you have not been inside, you should. Not only is the food tasty, a solid menu backed by seasonal specials, but the view of the Main Street is entertaining and the ample natural light coming in is a delight.

 There’s two parties on the 200 block of North Main coming up. On May 18 at 211 N. Main in the Yalo-Run Studio the Mississippi Arts Commission and South Arts are throwing a party. It is a celebration of local arts and specifically local artist Coulter Fussell. Who actually needs no celebrating, she does pretty good on her own. But art parties are the best, so maybe make this one. 

June 1st is the party for the entire block of 200 North Main Street. Yep, a block party for a block that’s on the re-bound. Once this block was pretty sad looking, having had three of the eight buildings facing Main Street burn, in two separate fires, both less than 20 years ago. There’s been a steady comeback on this block, it is looking way better than it once did and the folks who work on it have an attitude. A positive attitude. Both these Main Street block parties are going to be fun. So block the dates!

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