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No Rest For The Weary On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was a couple of days ago and, much to my surprise every year, I remained a full-on mother through out the entire day. It always feels like I should be able to check out for those 24 hours. Go take a little beach and margarita break in another country. Like how on other holidays you get a day off work. 

For instance, Labor Day. It’s called Labor Day so you don’t labor. Or Memorial Day where you go ride boats and eat hotdogs and don’t really memorialize much of anything. 

Not so with Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day you really have to step up, not only because there’s stuff to do and other mothers to call but you also do that mom thing where you make your kids feel special by unconditionally loving everything they do for you. 

Like, say, the “special magic trick” my oldest son performed for me in lieu of the forgotten Mother’s Day card where he made a fake $100 bill disappear. 

I assured him that was the best trick in the world because he is he best son in the world and I love him so much! I also assured him that the magic was especially sophisticated in humor because he makes real $100 bills disappear in real life. I suggested that for Mother’s Day next year he can work on a magic trick that makes them reappear.

My oldest kid had a 14-hour baseball tournament in the blazing sun of New Albany on Mother’s Day weekend, as well. I also had to drag my youngest kid there who just so happened to have strep throat. The tournament was called “Celebrating Moms.” 

Thank you. 

It turns out, once you have kids you’ve got to keep on trucking through and the only margarita break you get it as El Charrito while you let the kids make SnapChat faces on your phone so you can talk about people with your girlfriends. But you can’t do that on Mother’s Day because of Sunday liquor laws. Can we cut the Moms some slack, people?

I used to not like Mother’s Day. I thought it was forced and sappy, a Hallmark holiday that paled in comparison to the all encompassing immensity of the job or whitewashed what is not always a bouquet-of-flowers situation. But over the years, my views have changed. It’s okay to say nice things to a mom who has tried her best. The other option is not to say nice things to that mom and that’s no good. Motherhood is glorious and complicated. Mysterious, infinite, and optimistic. It’s the ultimate magic trick.

As a reminder, there are two big parties coming up on Main Street. The first is at my fabric studio, YaloRun Textiles at 211 N. Main (next to Hair Trendz.) It’s a fundraiser for the Mississippi Arts Commission and the $15 ticket gets you in for drinks, barbecue and music by the Yalobushwackers from Oxford. It’s 6 to 9 p.m. this Friday May 18. Tickets are available at the door.

The other party is the Block Party put on by the 200 Block of Main Street (Trusty Diner down to the former Rip It Up building.) We’ll have music and food and games in our stores and at the Pocket Park and Trusty Diner park. It’s from 4-9pm on June 1st which just so happens to be mine and my oldest son’s birthdays. So if you see him wish him a happy 11th birthday! And you can wish me another happy 29th!

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