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4-H Shooters Showed Big Improvements This Season

Well so much for having any kind of spring, we are now in full-fledge summer according to the temps.  I was out over the weekend trying to catch up on some small projects that I have going on and I got soaking wet with sweat Saturday and Sunday.  

One big problem with warming up so fast is the grass went from not growing at all to doubling in size almost overnight.  It looks like later on this week we might get some relief from these temps with some rainfall.  It is hard to believe how fast the ground dried out over the last seven to 10 days.

I mentioned last week about the 4-H Shooting Sports kids participating at the Northwest District match in Charleston on May 5th.  I would like to congratulate all of the kids on their performances and also all of the coaches and parents who helped along the way.  Every kid who participated showed tremendous improvement on their scores from the beginning of practice in early May until the District Match.  

Several high performers include Peyton Nichols, third in the 10-meter air rifle; Allen Tribble, second in 10-meter air rifle; Shelby Sparks, first in 10-meter precision Air Pistol; Sydney Snider, second in .22 pistol two-handed; Connor Potts, third in .22 pistol one- handed; Dalton Burney, first in 10-meter air rifle three- position; Matthew Bardo, third in 10-meter air rifle three-position; Peyton Nichols, first in archery standard compound 9 meters; John Nichols, first in archery standard compound 9 meters; Arthur Fielder, third in archery standard compound 9 meters; Bradley Tedford,  fourth in shotgun; Hunter Moore, fourth in shotgun; and Matthew Bardo, second in .22 LR.  All of the competitors performed well especially considering the terrible weather conditions that we had at the match.  

The Tri-Lakes Horse Show Association will host a judged horse show on Saturday May 19th at the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville.  The show will start around noon on Saturday.  The 4-H horse club will provide a concession stand for the event and admission will be free. 

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