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‘Neighbors Caring For Neighbors,’ Hospital Meets Healthcare Needs Across The County

By Joy M. Tippit

Herald Contributor


COFFEEVILLE –  Kim Clark Pullen spoke to the Yalobusha Historical Society on May 17, about Yalobusha Health Services (YHS) , formerly known as Yalobusha General Hospital. 


Yalobusha General Hospital opened its doors on January 2, 1962 with 30 beds, surgery, a delivery room and an emergency room.  The hospital employed 50 people.  The room rates were $9.50 for a semi private room and $12.50 for a private room.


Physicians were Dr. Brown, Dr. Spears, Dr. McMillan, Dr. Criss, Dr. French, Dr. Hammack.  Later the physicians were Dr. Walker, Dr. Sexton, and Dr. Armstrong. At that time Dr. Ben Evans traveled from Grenada to perform surgeries.  


Today Yalobusha Health Services include a 26 bed care, 13 swing bed unit, 122 bed nursing home, three rural health clinics, a medical arts building chiropractic services and a senior life solutions program.  Rural health clinics are located in Coffeeville and Oakland.


Currently adult day services are located in the old Latham Funeral Home and will soon be moving to Dr. Joe Walker’s building.


Pullen shared future plans for Yalobusha Health Services, including a state-of-the-art child care facility, a geri–psych wing at the hospital, and an assisted living facility, all of which will better help serve the needs of neighbors accomplishing their motto and goal, “Neighbors Caring for Neighbors.”


Pullen has been a registered nurse for 20 years and is currently employed by YHS  in public relations.  Thank you, Kim, and please visit us again.


Other notes of interest in the meeting included:


• Mike Ayers called the historical meeting to order and welcomed members and guests.


• Lawrence Litten voiced a prayer.


• Mike Ayers announced that Dave and Emma Hovey attended the State Historical meeting in March and the Yalobusha County Historical Society was offered an invitation to host the Federation of Mississippi Historical Societies representing Yalobusha County Historical Society. Having discussed this at the January board meeting and receiving approval, the invitation was accepted.  


The invitation was tendered from the state in light of the progressive nature and success of YCHS. The YCHS is one of the few societies to own and maintain its own facilities. The date being discussed is the third Thursday in August. Volunteers are needed. Invitations will be sent to historical societies in the northern district, which includes areas from Highway 82 to Southaven.


• Mike Worsham introduced Pullen and stated that Roy Bennett Stevens is the June 21 speaker if work-related weather conditions permit.  Roy’s topic is “Bryant.”


Attending were  Chris Morgan, Wesley Crawford, Eleanor Crawford, Sarah Reeves, Wyomann Reeves, Kenneth Mixon, Julie Mixon, Gene Mixon, Lawrence Litten, Bettie Litten, Mike Worsham, Pearl Hill, Eva Fultz, Pat Brooks, Sarah H. Williams, Emma Hovey, Dave Hovey, Grady White, Bobby Hutchins, Bobbie Hutchins, Billy Pate, Joyce Courtney, George Harrison, Elsie Harrison, Carl R. Upchurch, Joy P. Windham, Mary Sue Stevens, Tammy Beshears, Kay McCulley, Debby Hughes, Mike Ayers and Joy Tippit.

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