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The Memorial Day holiday was uneventful around my house this year.  Of course I had plenty of work that needed to be done and that took up most of the weekend for me.  One nice thing that we were able to do as a family is just load up in my pickup on Sunday afternoon and visit the cemetery where my Jeffrey’s family is buried.  My boys are about to get to the age that they can enjoy doing things like that.  Most of my family is buried in Goshen Cemetery, less than a mile from our house and it really is sad that we don’t visit more often.  

Another event that seemed to rule the weekend was dodging the rain showers.  I believe it has rained a little every day for the last week around my house.  On Saturday and Sunday afternoons I was able to do a little work on a tree house that my boys have been wanting to build.  The first steps in that process included bush-hogging under the tree, cutting about a 1,000 wisteria vines, cutting tree limbs, and spraying to kill the grass and ants under the tree.  Now if I can find some more time I can actually build the treehouse/platform in the pecan tree.    

June will be a very busy month for all extension agents around the state.  We end May and start June with the three-day 4-H Club Congress held on the MSU campus in Starkville.  Club Congress is an event for senior 4-H age kids and is event filled and action packed for all three days.  

The following week all of the district horse shows will be going on.  Our area district show is held in Tunica at the Battle Arena, which is the best place in the state to host a horse show mainly because it is air conditioned.

A week after the district horse show Project Achievement Day (PAD) will be held in Verona.  PAD is the contest version of Club Congress for junior aged 4-H kids.  A couple of weeks after the district show the state horse show will be held in Jackson at the Kirk Fordice Center.

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